2024 Rock Cobbler Pre-Race Briefing

cobbler thumbnail

Coach Adam discusses best strategies for Rock Cobbler.  Everything from course features to aid station strategy. Even equipment review like, “is there a tire that works equally well in both MUD and LIVING ROOM CARPET?” Find out those answers and more! How much can coaching help you improve? How much can coaching help you improve?

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SoCal Race Season: Are you ready?

SoCal Race

January marks the beginning of SoCal race season. If you’re still riding base miles, it means you’re behind and it’s time to spice up your training with some higher intensity crit-specific workouts.

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Coach Kristen Arnold Featured on Fast Talk Labs

Fast Talk Kristen

National Team Coach and Nutritionist Kristen Arnold helps us explore maximizing your nutrition as an athlete, gives advice for how junior women can reach the next level, and shares her experience managing national projects.

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Planning Your Season

Start next season NOW The best part about planning your season for next year is that we get to plan our epic adventure(s). Many of these adventures involve travel to faraway lands which ultimately means you’re committing significant time, energy and funds to create a life enriching experience for yourself. You would be in the…

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A Guide to Choosing a Cycling Coach

Hire a Coach! Choosing a cycling coach is very important… and it can also feel very overwhelming! In my opinion, it’s as important as choosing a bike frame, wheelset, or drivetrain. A coach is someone who not only keeps you accountable, but works together with you to achieve your goals. If you choose to hire…

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Annual Performance Evaluation in Cycling

The Annual Performance Evaluation in cycling, when paired with an athlete’s self-evaluation is a crucial tool for identifying areas of needed improvement, tracking progress, improving performance durability, advancing results, and achieving personal milestones.

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San Diego Bicycle Club: Summer 2023 Recap

sdbc team

With the road season stretching from mid-January to early August, it can be a difficult balancing act to stay consistent and perform from start to finish. SDBC did an excellent job of representing the club during the late Spring and Summer months, racking up several wins and many podium finishes across multiple fields.

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Brody McDonald: U23 World Championship Road Race Prep

Brody McDonald Team USA

Brody McDonald is one of the favorites to win the U23 World Championship road race in Glasgow. In this article, we take a look at his training and preparation for the race. We discuss his focus on volume and zone 2 training, his on-the-bike nutrition, his racecraft, and his taper. We also give our predictions for how he will perform in Glasgow.

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Intelligentsia Cup Podium Finish After Injury

JP Brocket Intelligentsia Podium

JP had not raced a proper high-level USA criterium since mid-2019, and was concerned about the caliber of racers at the Intelligentsia Cup. He was also still recovering from a double crash in April, which resulted in a broken shoulder blade and a month off the bike.

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Cory Williams, Evolution of Excellence

Cory Williams- Riding

I had heard about Cory prior to 2016 but in all honesty I didn’t know much about him.  I knew he was one of the fastest and most explosive field sprinters in North America.  But his Achilles Heel was that he couldn’t consistently reach the finish line with the peloton. As the Performance Director on the Elevate- KHS Pro Cycling Team there was a distinct need to see improvement from one of the team’s designated closers.  

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Legion Lead out

Tulsa Tough is the biggest and most prestigious weekend of criterium racing on the planet. It is a destination race for the best-in-class and the best criterium teams send their most valuable riders to vie for the glory at the races. But who has the fastest, and by proxy, the most dominant lead out?

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Loren Krieger ROLLS at Moab Rocks Race

Moab Rocks

Moab Rocks is a great early season race to test the off-season preparations and see how my fitness is coming along. It’s hosted by Trans Rockies Series and was well done. I am planning to return next year and bring more people to experience this event.

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SDBC Spring Recap from Coach Taylor


With Tour de Murrieta wrapped up this past weekend, race season in SoCal is in full affect! For the rest of the country, racing may just be starting up but out here in California we are just about at our midway point in the season. Working with SDBC this Spring has been a pleasure. My…

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Criterium Workout of the Week: 30-30s

We like to use these 30-30s or Tabata intervals to really engage an athletes anaerobic system. The explosive efforts are short and unsustainable and coupled with a rest that’s incomplete this workout really quenches the big power thirst of criterium racing. 

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Mid South: Becoming Faster and More Spicy

Inno 2023 Mid South 4th

The quality of the athletes at the pointy end of races like the Mid South has dramatically improved. Gone are the days where local heroes battle it out for glory amongst the rare traveler from far away lands. The time is now and the races resemble more of a Monument than they do a gravel race.

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Criterium Workout of the Week: Film Study

Film study

Film study has always been an important tool for improving personal and team outcomes in competition. Teams and racers were late to the game but are catching up and now film study is just as important in cycling as it is in other sports.

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Criterium Workout of the Week: Rest Days

Recovery days are often overrated but are crucial to criterium racing because of the repeated high-intensity efforts. These intense efforts can lead to muscle fatigue, soreness, and even injury if a rider doesn’t allow their body enough time to recover. Recovery days allow the body to rest and repair, reducing the risk of injury and improving…

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The Right Auto Insurance for Cycling?

Bonnici Law

Auto insurance companies sure do a great job advertising their slick slogans and how inexpensive they can be. But they are terrible at explaining exactly how insurance coverage works and when it can be used.

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Criterium Workout of the Week: Sweet Spot All-Day- Long

win the crit

Sweet spot training. Criterium racing is still an endurance event, despite our willingness to make it about explosive efforts. Any event lasting 30 minutes or even 90 minutes is definitely an endurance based sport. So how do we get better at riding for that long? Sweet spot training.

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Which Training Methodology Best Improves Your Performance. Systematic Review


The general concept of leveraging different training methods to improve Functional Threshold Power (FTP), VO2 max and ultimately performance is immensely important to every endurance based performance athlete. Until now a direct systematic review comparing Traditional Periodization, Block periodization and day-to-day programming has been never conducted.

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Everyone Trains 28 Hour Weeks on Instagram

You’re scrolling the gram, you look up intermittently and look out your window. The weather is either absolute trash, or you’re feeling firmly imprisoned by your day job. You look back down at your phone and you see, yet another proud screenshot, of someone’s 28 hour riding week with 1520 TSS points, and they got a tan.

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Allan Schroeder: 2022 Men 30-34 CX Champion

Allan crosses the finish line

Allan cruising in the lead Meet Allan Schroeder, your 2022, 30-34 men’s cyclocross national champion!! SE coach Kristen Arnold has been coaching Allan since 2016. This national championship title marks a breakthrough ride for him and a sign of many great things to come. Allan has worked hard for his successes as he’s raced road…

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Female Cyclists: Hormones and Performance

Are there certain times of the month when you feel like you’re on fire and then other times you feel like a load of bricks? You are not alone! Most individuals who have female reproductive organs have a menstrual cycle. That menstrual cycle impacts many aspects of our physical and mental health and performance.

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Structuring 2023 for the SoCal Race Calendar

Most of us have already closed the book on our 2022 season. Perhaps you’re already in a transition phase and craving some much-needed soul riding. Once the season is finished in earnest, usually taking 2-3 weeks away from structured training can be one of the best things you can do for yourself to start to…

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Gravel Worlds: Comparing Jay Thomas’ Championship in 2012 to 2022

The year is 2012 and Jay Thomas is a young 43 years of age and newly minted Gravel Worlds Champion. Even though he is officially an “aging athlete” Jay was very much holding his peak form from his mid-30’s. Jay came home with a victory, brand new rainbow-ish striped jersey, a sabre* and the swagger of a Gravel Worlds Champion. The winning time was 9 hours and 6 minutes.

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Alex Hoehn: SBT GRVL 5th. A Closer Look at the Power of Fatigue Resistance

The legendary races of cycling all tell a similar story of overcoming adversity through beautiful suffering.  At its core, this very romanticization is excellent at engaging fans while inspiring all of us to persevere through hard work.  This suffering is universal across all competitors and it seems like the only difference is if one suffers…

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Zack Allison’s BWR North Carolina Race Recap

BWR North Carolina, for me, for my race day, actually started when we left Kansas after Unbound. It was a pretty crazy set of travel days with Whitney getting Giardia and massive lightning storms each night we stopped with the camper, causing a lack of recovery/body work going into North Carolina.   Thank goodness for…

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Tackling the Hell of the East (Coast)

Just six short weeks after the first Belgian Waffle Ride in San Diego, the second stop of the Quadrupel Crown of Gravel took place. This time the traveling gravel circus took roots in the East Coast, somewhere about 30 miles south of Asheville, North Carolina along the border of South Carolina. BWR North Carolina was…

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Preparing for the Hell of the North (Carolina)

It’s been about one month since Belgian Waffle Ride (BWR) California and now North Carolina is right around the corner. I thought I would have a solid window to prepare for what’s to come at the next BWR but honestly, I’ve been on a crit racing calendar, so the preparation is, well, being handled differently.…

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How to Avoid DNFing the BWR

Many begin an epic adventure like the one you’ve just embarked upon expecting moderate discomfort and glory to await us, but only the most prepared will triumph over the Belgian Waffle Ride. Although the numbers are not public, we know a high percentage of riders never cross the finish line and get their own ride…

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Tackling the Dubbel Header

For those of you uninitiated to the Dubbel Header, the concept is simple; race the Waffle ride on Saturday and turn around and race the Wafer on Sunday. Easy enough? Ha! The Waffle ride was 135+ miles long, sure to be my longest ride of the year and the Wafer was 75 miles, yet still…

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Epilogue and Epitaph of a Glorious BWR Finish

Epiligue an Epitaph of a Glorious BWR Finish Evolution doesn’t always occur incrementally. Sometimes change is sudden, surprising and painful. The Belgian Waffle Ride has always been different. Different is challenging; it’s new; it’s unique. Then, for 4 years the course did not change substantially. Yes, there were small tweaks but nothing that affected overall…

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The Best Tire for the Belgian Waffle Ride CA (San Diego)

The Best Tire for the Belgian Waffle Ride CA (San Diego) Monuments are generally considered to be the oldest, hardest and most prestigious one day races on the professional circuit and winning one can immortalize an athlete in the annals of history. As such, Monuments define spring racing success in the professional ranks, dictating future…

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Josie Fouts, Leader in the Off-Road Para-cycling Movement

Born in Korea with only a right hand, Josie is an Asian-American amputee that grew up in the midwest, always standing out. Her interest in metabolism research led her out to San Diego and the year-round great weather encouraged her to begin commuting by bike. Soon the San Diego cycling community discovered her potential and…

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JP Brocket, King of the Long Ride

SE athlete JP Brocket has been training hard in Taiwan: JP Brocket, a long-time Source Endurance athlete, has been living in Taiwan and sharing his journey with us on social media. He’s been climbing big mountains, completing hard intervals, and hopping into local races. JP just finished a big block of volume where he completed…

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Adjusting your training with the seasons

For just about every state in the country (sorry Arizona), daylight savings just went into effect last weekend. It’s officially that time of year where the days are quite short, the weather is brisk, on the decline and just about everyone is feeling a time crunch with the holidays fast approaching. What should training look…

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Shadd Smith, Multi-Discipline Master

From long-time SE athlete Shadd Smith: Big shout out to Source Endurance coaches for keeping this guy in the mix. I am certainly a creature for training and riding so I can not stress enough how important the coaches are to properly keeping the sword sharpened. Cyclocross is in full swing now with racing every…

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Trey Harrison sets new course record at Cannonball 550

I thought I’d give a synopsis on the fun I ride completed a few weeks ago. I decided to partake in the 5th edition of the Cannonball 550 bikepacking race, which is a big old 550 mile loop that starts/finishes in Emporia, KS. The self-supported route traversed portions of the Flint Hills, the edge of…

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BWR Kansas: An Insider’s Guide to Lawrence

Make the most of Lawrence, KS Source Endurance owner and coach Adam Mills spent many years living in Lawrence, Kansas, and is a Kansas native. Here are some of his favorites from one of his favorite places: You registered for BWR KS and if you’re like many people, you’ve probably never been to Lawrence unless…

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Power Analysis – Whitney Allison’s BWR Cedar City Win

Photo: JPov Photo Whitney Allison had a breakthrough ride at Belgian Waffle Ride Cedar City winning the climbing jersey, the sprint jersey and the women’s overall race. Here’s a power analysis of her race winning file. Setting the stage This edition of BWR Cedar City had a 10 minute separation between the men’s Waffle wave…

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Smoke & Training

smoke and training

Welcome to the tail end of the summer, or as we’ve come to know it as here in Seattle “Fire Season”. As I sit down to write this, I’ve just finished reading a message from our local velodrome alerting the community that Friday night racing will be cancelled if the Air Quality Index in the…

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BWR Survival Camp: Utah offers pro-style lead-in

The Belgian Waffle Ride Survival Camp p/b Source Endurance in Utah is a fully-supported, pro-style lead-in to event day. The camp runs September 21-26th with the final day of camp being the BWR Utah Race day. How does this work? A common strategy for professional teams is to take a few days leading into a…

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Shadd Smith wins his age group at Unbound 100

unbound gravel lifetime grand prix

From Shadd: I’ll start off by saying I really, really, really, like riding bikes but more than that I would say that racing them is even better. I am racing for the Steve Tilford Foundation Racing Team in honor of my teammate and world class bike racer, Steve Tilford. I realized from the start list…

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Sean McElroy Storms Back from the Brink

In mid-March Sean McElroy went to the doctor complaining of stomach pain.  After being told that he had gas and that he should go home Sean thought that everything would return to normal in a couple hours. Little did he know what the next few days would bring. The pain would continue to build in the lower part of his stomach and…

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Training for a climbing-heavy event no matter where you live

Climbing Tips

You don’t have to live in a mountainous area to be a climber but you do have to train for the hills to be your best. If you’re on the start list for such events as The Last Best Ride, Crusher in the Tushar, BWR San Diego, FoCo Fondo, or Rebecca’s Private Idaho, to name…

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Perfecting the ultimate recovery modality, sleep!

Sleep for athletes

I recently had an athlete ask me “what’s the best way to recover, should I be wearing compression socks all the time? How about my Normatec boots?? Should I add in stretching into the routine?” All very valid questions, but my number one answer for promoting recovery…sleep. As athletes, we are constantly looking for ways…

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Returning to Training and Racing After Covid19, an Update

As the pandemic began to tighten its grip, the United States and the world began to enter lockdown. Meanwhile, professional sports leagues including Major League Soccer (MLS), Major League Baseball (MLB), National Hockey League (NHL), National Football League (NFL), and the men’s and women’s National Basketball Association (NBA, WNBA) were already planning the massive undertaking…

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Why a Legion Sprinter is so Hard to Beat

Legion of Los Angeles Sprinters

Become your best performing self April 11, 2021.  That was the day that criterium racing came back to Southern California with the Majestic Criterium in Ontario, CA. The turnout was incredible and it really showcases how desperate we all are for social interaction and real-life competition.  The action did not disappoint as onlookers were treated…

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Consistency, the Most Important Aspect of Training

What is the most important aspect of training? Is it nailing the fundamentals? VO2 max intervals? Squeezing out every marginal gain? I’d argue each of these has validity but the king and queen of them all is consistency. Cycling is a highly aerobic sport and most of the training adaptations simply take a lot of…

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How to make mountain biking friendlier

how to make mtb friendlier

SE coach and ambassador Nikki Peterson recently wrote an article for Trek Bikes entitled “How to make mountain biking friendlier.” If you’ve met Nikki, you probably know that she is a professional MTBer for Competitive Metals Trek, runs the GRiT podcast, has been working for NICA for years, and is, well, incredibly friendly and welcoming!…

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Patience in Racing: Often Overlooked, Never Underrated

HERE. WE. GO! Whether you’re ready or not, the 2021 racing season has started. Many of us are emerging from the months of Zwift training and working up the courage to do that first race. It’s likely racing will be analogous to our first post-pandemic group social interactions. We’re all going to be excited, a…

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Source Endurance launches Zwift-specific coaching

zwift coaching

LOVE ZWIFT RACING? Whether you are a year-round Zwift or indoor rider or a use it as a winter training tool, Source Endurance can help you maximize your fitness and w/kg to perform your best. How our Zwift coaching is different Zwift racing and other indoor racing programs is different from outdoor racing and therefore…

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Returning to Training and Racing After COVID-19

If you or someone you know has gotten Covid, check out Adam Mills’ guide on Returning to Training and Racing After Covid-19, recently published on TrainingPeaks.It looks at the latest studies that are coming out and can hopefully serve as a way to self-evaluate when you can start riding again. Read the Article. Check out all…

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Keeping a Positive Mindset When Things Seem Not So Positive

Not to sound like a broken record, but 2020 has tested a lot of people, physically and mentally. With so many changes and people feeling more isolated than ever, it can be hard to keep a positive mindset. However, it has been proven that having a positive mindset can have a lot of health-related benefits…

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Training Methods for Breaking Cross State Records, a Case Study

Cross State Records

Case study by Kristen Arnold MS, RDN, CSSD, Sports dietitian and Cycling Coach Coach Kristen here! I have had the pleasure of coaching Meagan Gehrke for 4 years now. It has been a rewarding experience to be a part of her successes and progression through her athletic career in cycling. She has a strong PMA…

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Meagan Gehrke of Lady Gnar Shredders’ Cross Ohio Prep

Meagan Gehrke Cross Ohio

Meagan Gehrke broke the Women’s Cross Ohio West to East this fall and shared how she prepped for her attempt with no prior ultra experience. We think you will find it inspiring for your own FKT attempts! Thanks for the guest blog post Meagan!  What’s a girl to do when her 2020 dream gravel race…

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How to Attempt the Hour Record

In this modern Covid-19 era, lack of motivation for training is a very real thing. Competition in a “normal” race format has been thwarted and group rides are also a distant memory. There are two options for training at this moment: let your training routine be dictated by the lack of racing, or set tangible…

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Adjusting goals and event predictions

2021, the first year of the new world, and we’ve been through a ton and we’re not at all out of the COVID woods. With everything that has happened in 2020, it’s easy to lose sight of what life was like and where we are heading for next year. There are many things that are…

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CdA and Aerodynamics of Cycling

Photo courtesy of SnowyMountain Photography. Seventy to ninety percent of the opposing force you face as a cyclist on a flat road is aerodynamic drag. Most of us have felt the experience of drafting before, or even a tailwind versus a head wind. This is the greatest drag we face on the bike and changing…

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Meet SE Coach Taylor Warren

Taylor Warren just joined the Source Endurance coaching team. Taylor began his cycling journey on the bike path as a kid and fell in love with racing shortly after. He’s spent time at the top in road and track, holding National Championship titles and racing professionally on the road with 303 Project.   How did…

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