A Guide to Choosing a Cycling Coach

Hire a Coach! Choosing a cycling coach is very important… and it can also feel very overwhelming! In my opinion, it’s as important as choosing a bike frame, wheelset, or drivetrain. A coach is someone who not only keeps you accountable, but works together with you to achieve your goals. If you choose to hire…

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Returning to Training and Racing After Covid19, an Update

As the pandemic began to tighten its grip, the United States and the world began to enter lockdown. Meanwhile, professional sports leagues including Major League Soccer (MLS), Major League Baseball (MLB), National Hockey League (NHL), National Football League (NFL), and the men’s and women’s National Basketball Association (NBA, WNBA) were already planning the massive undertaking…

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Consistency, the Most Important Aspect of Training

What is the most important aspect of training? Is it nailing the fundamentals? VO2 max intervals? Squeezing out every marginal gain? I’d argue each of these has validity but the king and queen of them all is consistency. Cycling is a highly aerobic sport and most of the training adaptations simply take a lot of…

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Patience in Racing: Often Overlooked, Never Underrated

HERE. WE. GO! Whether you’re ready or not, the 2021 racing season has started. Many of us are emerging from the months of Zwift training and working up the courage to do that first race. It’s likely racing will be analogous to our first post-pandemic group social interactions. We’re all going to be excited, a…

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Source Endurance launches Zwift-specific coaching

zwift coaching

LOVE ZWIFT RACING? Whether you are a year-round Zwift or indoor rider or a use it as a winter training tool, Source Endurance can help you maximize your fitness and w/kg to perform your best. How our Zwift coaching is different Zwift racing and other indoor racing programs is different from outdoor racing and therefore…

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Returning to Training and Racing After COVID-19

If you or someone you know has gotten Covid, check out Adam Mills’ guide on Returning to Training and Racing After Covid-19, recently published on TrainingPeaks.It looks at the latest studies that are coming out and can hopefully serve as a way to self-evaluate when you can start riding again. Read the Article. Check out all…

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Weight Cutting for Cycling E-Racing

Indoor Training Smart Trainer

This article compliments my colleagues’ two articles regarding the performance considerations of what e-racing requires and the ethical and conduct considerations as we enter this new sport. Read Virtual eRacing: Let’s Talk About Weight Cutting and Performance Improvement and Pitfalls in Weight Cutting for Virtual eRacing. Cycling is adding a new discipline of racing in…

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Virtual eRacing: Let’s Talk About Weight Cutting

Indoor Training Apps

The rapid rise of bicycle racing in virtual environments has led us to an interesting moment in time, where we are witness to the real-time emergence of an entirely new sport, a sport that will increasingly face the need to develop a set of systems and practices that reflect its unique identity, distinct from the…

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Performance Improvement and Pitfalls in Weight Cutting for Virtual eRacing

“That rider is cheating at e-racing (Zwift)!” seems to be a common utterance among virtual e-racers (Zwift, RGT, Rouvy, Bkool, FulGaz) regardless of what platform they’re using.  Without a doubt every platform has cheating issues that they’re working hard to remedy and I’m sure there is significant progress being made. However, the rider could simply…

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