Alex Hoehn: Grad School and Tour of Gila Defense

Alex Hoehn Greece

Alex Hoehn, the 2023 Tour of the Gila champion, is poised to make another powerful impact in the 2024 edition of the race. We wanted to follow up with Alex as the defending champion about all that's changed since his 2023 season.

  • Are you looking forward to racing Tour of the Gila this year? Do you have any events prior to the race?
    • "The Tour of the Gila is on my mind. I just wrapped up a strong showing in Greece, and I'm using those gains to fuel a few strategic local races before tackling the Gila stages. I'm ready."
  • How does this year look different than last year in terms of your team and teammates?
    • I am on a different team than last year.  Skyline Pro Cycling, and I am excited to be surrounded by such talented guys. We have a lot of European racing experience across all the guys for this years race that will prove important during the long stage race.
  • How is your training going? Have you done or will you try anything different to prepare?
    • I feel like my training is going about as good as it can be while enrolled as a full time MBA student here at CU Boulder. I am focusing on being more intentional with my training this year as I am a little bit more time constrained. Adam is guiding me in such a way that is allowing me to be fully focused on school so when I hop on the bike I just listen to him and I know I will be prepared. Being coached by Adam for 8 years now has allowed me to put full trust in him. It is nice to know I have someone in my corner who is extremely experienced and willing to work with my difficult schedule.


The countdown to the Tour of the Gila has begun, and Alex Hoehn's dedication and calculated approach set the stage for a thrilling return to the race where he cemented his status as a top contender.