Can Rider Support at Gravel Races be Pro, Grassroots & Safe?

gravel feeding

Coaches Zack and Adam discuss an intricate dance at gravel races: Pro support (or even rider support) regarding mechanics and feeding while staying compliant to the varying rules of individual events while balancing rider safety and the ominous spectre of an influx untrained and unaware drivers on course.

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2024 Rock Cobbler Pre-Race Briefing

cobbler thumbnail

Coach Adam discusses best strategies for Rock Cobbler.  Everything from course features to aid station strategy. Even equipment review like, “is there a tire that works equally well in both MUD and LIVING ROOM CARPET?” Find out those answers and more! How much can coaching help you improve? How much can coaching help you improve?

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Mid South: Becoming Faster and More Spicy

Inno 2023 Mid South 4th

The quality of the athletes at the pointy end of races like the Mid South has dramatically improved. Gone are the days where local heroes battle it out for glory amongst the rare traveler from far away lands. The time is now and the races resemble more of a Monument than they do a gravel race.

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