Intelligentsia Cup Podium Finish After Injury

JP Brocket Intelligentsia Podium

JP had not raced a proper high-level USA criterium since mid-2019, and was concerned about the caliber of racers at the Intelligentsia Cup. He was also still recovering from a double crash in April, which resulted in a broken shoulder blade and a month off the bike.

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Cory Williams, Evolution of Excellence

Cory Williams- Riding

I had heard about Cory prior to 2016 but in all honesty I didn’t know much about him.  I knew he was one of the fastest and most explosive field sprinters in North America.  But his Achilles Heel was that he couldn’t consistently reach the finish line with the peloton. As the Performance Director on the Elevate- KHS Pro Cycling Team there was a distinct need to see improvement from one of the team’s designated closers.  

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Mid South: Becoming Faster and More Spicy

Inno 2023 Mid South 4th

The quality of the athletes at the pointy end of races like the Mid South has dramatically improved. Gone are the days where local heroes battle it out for glory amongst the rare traveler from far away lands. The time is now and the races resemble more of a Monument than they do a gravel race.

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Allan Schroeder: 2022 Men 30-34 CX Champion

Allan crosses the finish line

Allan cruising in the lead Meet Allan Schroeder, your 2022, 30-34 men’s cyclocross national champion!! SE coach Kristen Arnold has been coaching Allan since 2016. This national championship title marks a breakthrough ride for him and a sign of many great things to come. Allan has worked hard for his successes as he’s raced road…

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Alex Hoehn: SBT GRVL 5th. A Closer Look at the Power of Fatigue Resistance

The legendary races of cycling all tell a similar story of overcoming adversity through beautiful suffering.  At its core, this very romanticization is excellent at engaging fans while inspiring all of us to persevere through hard work.  This suffering is universal across all competitors and it seems like the only difference is if one suffers…

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Shadd Smith wins his age group at Unbound 100

unbound gravel lifetime grand prix

From Shadd: I’ll start off by saying I really, really, really, like riding bikes but more than that I would say that racing them is even better. I am racing for the Steve Tilford Foundation Racing Team in honor of my teammate and world class bike racer, Steve Tilford. I realized from the start list…

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Meet SE Coach Taylor Warren

Taylor Warren just joined the Source Endurance coaching team. Taylor began his cycling journey on the bike path as a kid and fell in love with racing shortly after. He’s spent time at the top in road and track, holding National Championship titles and racing professionally on the road with 303 Project.   How did…

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