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As part of the Source Endurance family, the focus is on you. With individualized, educated coaches and an in-house RDN, you have access to a wealth of knowledge through your coaching relationship and the tools to reach your goals.

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Being at a Source Endurance camp is like being a professional, but without all the pressure or hype. Enjoy learning from professional coaches and athletes in a comfortable, adventurous setting.

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From Our training Blog

belgian waffle ride failure

2019 Canyon Belgian Waffle Ride: When Good Plans Go Sideways. A Lesson In Humility

When I first moved to SoCal in late 2014, I heard of this groovy and “weird” ride in San Marcos called the Belgian Waffle Ride.  It went on dirt some, pavement lots, and was ridiculously hard. Back in Kansas, we always took gravel roads and dirt paths as connectors between cool roads. Also, with my…

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Casey Cohenmeyer

Questionable Decisions: World Tour 2020

Meet Casey. Casey is a NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) Doctor full time and then some who features a hectic work schedule. She’s also a badass who spends her off-hours at some of the most challenging and ridiculous events that her gravel bike can tolerate. She has all the typical limiters that plague the non-pro…

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Time trial pacing

The Science Behind Time Trial Pacing

To define pacing in cycling is simple, it’s the rate at which you complete a course. Every course has a pace whether or not you’re aware or in control of your pace. A mindful pacing plan based off the course conditions, your personal power curve, and physiological knowledge can leave you minutes ahead of your…

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"My work/life balance has not always allowed me to train/race or even ride as much as I would like. I appreciate my coach for his willingness to adapt to my challenging schedule so that I am able to enjoy my limited time on the bike without feeling guilty or frustrated for having a lack of fitness. Adam and Source Endurance have been a great partner for the past 10 years both on and off the bike!" 

- Patrick Robinson

“My season goal was to finish DK200.  Goal crushed.  I can’t say enough how well the plan leading up to Dirty Kanza worked out.  Perfect on so many levels, I was beyond ready mentally and physically, evidence by beating my DK goal by almost 2hrs.  BWR challenged me technically, but the rest was a piece of cake in terms of my readiness for the duration and heat.”

– Sonja Johnson

“I’ve loved working with Grant and Source Endurance so far, really happy wtih the results I’ve been seeing this cross season!”

– Alex Edwards

“Just wanted to say the year is turning out okay despite rocky winter. Steady build has me seeing power numbers as high as I’ve seen in a decade. Now onward to DK 200. Thanks for the guidance!”

-Trey Harrison

“Basically just writing to say a big thank you.  I truly don’t think my performance would be where I’m at without the training regimen you provided. During those primes and sprints I felt unstoppable.  I was calculated, composed and even more importantly, coached, on exactly what I needed to do.”

-Chris Lowry- La Crosse, Wisconsin