About Source Endurance

Our Mission


Our Mission is to facilitate the accomplishment of each athletic, performance and competitive goal for every client. We do this by offering highly effective training advice, nutrition advice, and mentorship.

We are dedicated to the activities and lifestyles that make an endurance athlete and work tirelessly to prepare each client for success on event day.

As part of the Source Endurance coaching family, you are the priority. We work with clients across the skill continuum in sport and athletics. First time competitors and experienced veterans are given the same service as clients competing internationally. We have helped guide clients successfully to their goals in multisport, road cycling, mountain biking, gravel cycling, track cycling, cyclocross, xc ski, marathons, gran fondos, mountaineering, and more. 

Source Endurance employs multiple tools to help you towards your success.

  • Multitude of graduate degrees in fields related to exercise science, physiology, nutrition, and humanities
  • Multiple certifications in applicable fields
  • Practical experience at the highest level of competition
  • Years of professional coaching experience

These tools help us to measure, evaluate and predict future performance accurately.

“Just to stay thank you for the call today, I am absolutely delighted with my improvement this year. Before I saw the results I didn’t focus on or appreciate on the 15% LT increase. But once you point it out and describe what it means it’s amazing. Thanks again and I am eager to see where we go next season….”

-Andrew Ennis. Aberdeen, Scotland (United Kingdom)

Our Approach


We strive to help each client set realistic goals. Then, using a training approach based on your lifestyle, cutting edge science, and an unprecedented attention to detail, we begin the process of achieving those goals. Your Source Endurance coach will build a personal relationship with you and help to keep you motivated based on our knowledge of you, your pursuits, and our individual experiences with you.

Our training is tailored to optimize the productivity of the time each client has to train.

Our training process is goal driven and continuous.

We develop a comprehensive plan for each client that spans twelve month cycles and allows for off-peak focus on necessary areas of improvement.

  • Key Aspects of our Approach
    • Specificity of training to your desired goals
    • Proactive communication from your Source Endurance coach
    • Achievement measured both empirically and perceptually
    • Training based on sound physiology and proven methodologies
    • Training planning based on multi-tiered goal setting
  • Core Principles
    • Overload and recovery
    • Periodization
    • Progressive Overload
    • Disciplined Peak/ Taper Schedules
  • Data Driven
    • Training Plans based on Testing
    • Pace and power applications
    • Measurable specific training for specific energy systems
    • Empirical tracking and planning
  • Specificity & Individualization Training Drive by Individual
    • Goals
    • Physiology
    • Strengths and weaknesses
    • Time constraints
    • Other considerations
  • Nutrition
    • Identification of optimum weight goals
    • Nutrient intake tracking
    • Refined comprehensive intake planning

At Source Endurance, we the coaches prioritize safety and sportsmanship with our athletes. A resource we use regularly is the NSF International's Certified for Sport product search to make sure our athletes are only taking supplements which are guaranteed to not have WADA banned substances or other harmful contaminants.