Source Endurance Training Plans

Training plans by Source Endurance are next to none. We are dedicated to the activities and lifestyles that make an endurance athlete. Source Endurance plans are created by coaches with physiology degrees and years of experience in cycling. These plans are tailored to optimize the productivity of the time athletes have to train with a focus on your goals. 

We work with clients across the skill continuum in sport and athletics, from first time competitors to long-time professional athletes. We have helped guide clients successfully to their goals in multisport, road cycling, mountain biking, gravel cycling, track cycling, cyclocross, xc ski, marathons, gran fondos, mountaineering, and more. Our coaches utilize WK05, an analytical software, to measure, evaluate and predict future performance accurately for our athletes. This extensive knowledge and experience allows us to produce tried-and-true training plans narrowed in on your goal, whether it is event-based or goal-based like improving your functional threshold power. 

The coaches at Source Endurance exude their knowledge of cycling to create superior training plans, encompassing every aspect of the sport. Our coaches have: 

  • Multitude of graduate degrees in fields related to exercise science, physiology, nutrition, and humanities
  • Multiple certifications in applicable fields
  • Practical experience at the highest level of competition
  • Years of professional coaching experience

All plans are delivered via a TrainingPeaks account, which is free. Please browse and shop though our library of high quality, complete, and supported plans. Offerings include plans focused on base, build, and peak phases. As well as event based, triathlon, strength, and nutrition. In addition, plan purchasers will receive discounts on AMP Human, 100%, and IRC Tires

Please note, these plans are static. If you need more customization, we also offer a Tier 1 plan where you get a training plan with more coach interaction and custom coaching services.


Source Endurance optimizes the productivity of the training time each client has available to them.

We design and manage training for endurance athletes as well as offer premier testing and biomechanical resources. Services range from nutritional consulting, cycling camps, cycling clinics, to direct consultation. Our athletes see measured and significant improvement thanks to a data driven approach to training.

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