Source Endurance Cycling Training Plans

These sport specific cycling training plans are designed by our licensed cycling coaches who not only have advanced degrees in fields like exercise science and nutrition, but years of experience coaching pro cyclists. In addition, most of our coaches race at an elite if not pro level within their specific discipline.


We have guided clients across the entire ability spectrum to accomplish their goals in road cycling, mountain biking, gravel racing, track cycling, cyclocross, gran fondos, mountaineering, Zwift e-racing, and more. This extensive knowledge and experience allows us to produce tried-and-true training plans focused solely on your goals, fitness, and your availability to train each week.

Cycling Plan Types + Details

All cycling training plans, once purchased, are delivered via a TrainingPeaks account, which is free. In addition, they are also compatible with apps like Zwift, TrainerRoad, Rouvy, BKOOL, and RGT. Lastly, plan purchasers will also receive discounts from our partners and sponsors.

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  1. Fitness Builds
  2. Discipline Builds
  3. Strength Training
  4. Event-Specific Training Plans


Please note, these cycling training plans are static. Therefore, if you need and want more customization, we offer fully individualized coaching. This is where you get a completely custom training plan that is malleable to your lifestyle PLUS one-on-one coaching with one of our licensed cycling coaches.

1. Fitness Builds

2. Training Plans for Specific Cycling Disiplines: Cyclocross, Gravel, Road or Zwift

3. Strength Training Plans for Cyclists

4. Cycling Event-Specific Training Plans for Road, Gravel, and Mountain Bike Events

The Rock Cobbler Training Plans (Bakersfield, CA)

*Official coaching partner of The Rock Cobbler

BWR Series: Training Plans for Gravel Racing at the Belgian Waffle Rides in California, Arizona, Kansas, North Carolina, Michigan, Vancouver, Mexico, and Utah

FoCo Fondo Training Plans (Fort Collins, CO)

*Official coaching partner of the FoCo Fondo

Grounded NE Training Plans (Nebraska Gravel Race)

*Official coaching partner of Grounded NE

Tulsa Tough Training Plans (Tulsa, OK Criteriums and Gran Fondo)

*Official coaching partner of the Saint Francis Tulsa Tough

Training Plans for USA Cycling National Championships

Lifetime Grand Prix Series: Training for UnBound Gravel + Sea Otter

Additional Event-Specific Cycling Training Plans


Source Endurance optimizes the productivity of the training time each client has available to them.

We design and manage training for endurance athletes as well as offer premier testing and biomechanical resources. Services range from nutritional consulting, cycling camps, cycling clinics, to direct consultation. Our athletes see measured and significant improvement thanks to a data driven approach to training.

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