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Success is not given, it's taken.

 It's a ruthless pursuit that requires everything you've got - body, mind, and soul.  Download the free Tulsa Tough training guide or connect with Source Endurance coaches to help you unlock your potential, identify your weaknesses and guide your training process to make you Tulsa Tough.

About the Saint Francis Tulsa Tough

Whether you’re a professional or just-getting-starting in crits and rides the Saint Francis Tulsa Tough features unmatched crowds and offers a party on wheels for you.  The weekend features three days of crits on a different course and venue each day and two days of fondo riding with 5 distance options to choose from.

Source Endurance is here to help you make a memorable Tulsa Tough experience with our new Tulsa Tough Training Guide!

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Have an Exceptional Day when it matters to YOU

Source Endurance strives to help each client enjoy the success that comes with performing at their best on days that matter to them.  This success helps  athletes live their best lives through positive and successful experiences. We are ready to help with your Tulsa Tough training! 


About Source Endurance

Since 2007 Source Endurance has strived to help each client achieve and experience success. We do this by leveraging our knowledge, experience and compassion for the athlete while applying the fundamentals of exercise physiology to the latest academic research and using advanced analytical tools.  For the every-athlete that’s having a great day. For a professional it’s having results that can lead to more career opportunities. This success helps the athlete improve their lives and quality of life by living positive and successful experiences.


"In the two weeks leading up to CXNats, Kristen and I worked on balancing getting in the running and hard, punchy efforts that would be required for the Hartford course, and making sure I was fresh and recovered on race day. And you know what, we nailed it..."

Alaan Schroeder
2022 US Cyclocross National Champion: Masters 30-34

"My work/life balance has not always allowed me to train/race or even ride as much as I would like. I appreciate my coach for his willingness to adapt to my challenging schedule so that I am able to enjoy my limited time on the bike without feeling guilty or frustrated for having a lack of fitness. Adam and Source Endurance have been a great partner for the past 10 years both on and off the bike!"

Patrick Robinson