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Annual Performance Evaluation in Cycling

The Annual Performance Evaluation in cycling, when paired with an athlete’s self-evaluation is a crucial tool for identifying areas of needed improvement, tracking progress, improving performance durability, advancing results, and achieving personal milestones.

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Dr. Echo Dahl Rowe’s Leadville Trail 100 PR, 8 Years Later

Dr Echo

Of all the athletes I’ve ever worked with, Echo’s drive to succeed in whatever she chooses is among the very best. This need to succeed is directly reflected in her work ethic and can be seen in everything she does.

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San Diego Bicycle Club: Summer 2023 Recap

sdbc team

With the road season stretching from mid-January to early August, it can be a difficult balancing act to stay consistent and perform from start to finish. SDBC did an excellent job of representing the club during the late Spring and Summer months, racking up several wins and many podium finishes across multiple fields.

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Brody McDonald: U23 World Championship Road Race Prep

Brody McDonald Team USA

Brody McDonald is one of the favorites to win the U23 World Championship road race in Glasgow. In this article, we take a look at his training and preparation for the race. We discuss his focus on volume and zone 2 training, his on-the-bike nutrition, his racecraft, and his taper. We also give our predictions for how he will perform in Glasgow.

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Intelligentsia Cup Podium Finish After Injury

JP Brocket Intelligentsia Podium

JP had not raced a proper high-level USA criterium since mid-2019, and was concerned about the caliber of racers at the Intelligentsia Cup. He was also still recovering from a double crash in April, which resulted in a broken shoulder blade and a month off the bike.

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Cory Williams, Evolution of Excellence

Cory Williams- Riding

I had heard about Cory prior to 2016 but in all honesty I didn’t know much about him.  I knew he was one of the fastest and most explosive field sprinters in North America.  But his Achilles Heel was that he couldn’t consistently reach the finish line with the peloton. As the Performance Director on the Elevate- KHS Pro Cycling Team there was a distinct need to see improvement from one of the team’s designated closers.  

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Tour of the Gila Recap- Alex Hoehn’s First UCI Stage Race Win

2023 Gila Final Jerseys

Alex Hoehn won the 2023 Tour of the Gila by a margin of two seconds over Óscar Sevilla. his win was the culmination of years of hard work. He has dedicated himself to the sport, to his training and becoming a 24/7 whole athlete.

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Unbound Gravel: Kelly Bastman Tells Her Kansas Experience Story

unbound gravel Kelly Bastman Podium

This was my first Unbound Gravel so I had no idea what to expect. This is a story of my adventure in the Flint Hills of Kansas.

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Legion Lead out

Tulsa Tough is the biggest and most prestigious weekend of criterium racing on the planet. It is a destination race for the best-in-class and the best criterium teams send their most valuable riders to vie for the glory at the races. But who has the fastest, and by proxy, the most dominant lead out?

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Criterium Workout of the Week: Group Ride

group ride

The group ride is an excellent training tool for criterium racing. 

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