Blog: The Coaching Chronicles

How to Handle Illness During the Season

coughing cyclist

Almost everyone gets sick at some point during the calendar year, here are some tips to follow in order to bounce back to training

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DK Unbound Peloton

Coach Kristen Arnold,MS, RDN, CSSD breaks down common nutrition challenges at Unbound Gravel.

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The Art of Team Tactics

team tactics SDBC cornering

Team tactics help effectively apply assets to bring the best team result possible. Bike racing is also full of nuances that lead to a different race outcomes.

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Common Nutrition Mistakes at Tour of the Gila

gila hero

Coach Kristen Arnold, with her extensive background as a Registered Dietician and Director Sportif, brings a multifaceted approach to optimizing the performance of cyclists, evident in her insights on common nutrition mistakes at events like Tour of the Gila.

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Can Rider Support at Gravel Races be Pro, Grassroots & Safe?

gravel feeding

Coaches Zack and Adam discuss an intricate dance at gravel races: Pro support (or even rider support) regarding mechanics and feeding while staying compliant to the varying rules of individual events while balancing rider safety and the ominous spectre of an influx untrained and unaware drivers on course.

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Braving the Elements: Racing BWR Utah Amidst Extreme Weather

UT snow and rain

The notorious Belgian Waffle Ride (BWR) Utah kicks off this week, but alongside the usual challenge lies an extraordinary test: extreme weather with temperatures expected at the start to be a chilling 26F.

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Alex Hoehn: Grad School and Tour of Gila Defense

Alex Hoehn Greece

Alex Hoehn, the 2023 Tour of the Gila champion, is poised to make another powerful impact in the 2024 edition of the race

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Coach Taylor featured on “Fast Talk Podcast”

Taylor Fast Talk

Trying to go pro is one of the hardest things we can do. Jack Burke and Taylor Warren share what they’ve learned and how that applies to the rest of us, too.

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Effectively Implementing Strength Training for Cycling During Race Season and Off-Season

AI strength training for cycling

Get the most out of a strength training for cycling program.

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Pre-race Meeting: The Mid South Gravel Race

mid south preview

 Coach Adam Mills of Source Endurance discusses how to prepare and ride the Mid South Gravel Race

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