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Legion Lead out

Tulsa Tough is the biggest and most prestigious weekend of criterium racing on the planet. It is a destination race for the best-in-class and the best criterium teams send their most valuable riders to vie for the glory at the races. But who has the fastest, and by proxy, the most dominant lead out?

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Criterium Workout of the Week: Group Ride

group ride

The group ride is an excellent training tool for criterium racing. 

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Criterium Workout of the Week: Heat Adaptation

Hot Tulsa

Hot and humid weather is the universal foe that impacts every summer race. Being heat adapted is like having a superpower that allows you to conquer any climate.

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Criterium Workout of the Week: Mid-season Zone 2

Tulsa Crit workout

It’s mid-season and you’ve probably been racing lots and can feel that race form coming on strong but it’s probably time to some mid-season Zone 2 training

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BWR as Seen Through the NoFcks Given Gravel Lens


Source Endurance athlete Casey Cohenmeyer gives us her colorful recap of the Belgian Waffle Ride California

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Case Study: Taylor Kotwa, Sprinter, Increases FTP 7% in 4 months

Taylor Kotwa

I started working with Taylor in the fall of 2022 as he was coming back from time off the bike after a recent injury. He came to me with high expectations and lofty ambitions, so we set to work right away in preparation for the 2023 season

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Loren Krieger ROLLS at Moab Rocks Race

Moab Rocks

Moab Rocks is a great early season race to test the off-season preparations and see how my fitness is coming along. It’s hosted by Trans Rockies Series and was well done. I am planning to return next year and bring more people to experience this event.

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SDBC Spring Recap from Coach Taylor


With Tour de Murrieta wrapped up this past weekend, race season in SoCal is in full affect! For the rest of the country, racing may just be starting up but out here in California we are just about at our midway point in the season. Working with SDBC this Spring has been a pleasure. My…

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Criterium Workout of the Week: FRC 40-20s

Crit Workout of the week FRC

These Functional Reserve Capacity (FRC) 40-20s do an excellent job of providing a training impulse to your anaerobic capacity.

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Criterium Workout of the Week: Over-Unders

Crit workout

The concept of over-under intervals is to work in a tight range over your FTP for a short period of time and then to alternate to a power target under your FTP and repeat.

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