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Source Endurance tapped for USA Cycling Athlete Development Pathway

USA Cycling Athlete Development Pathway

Source Endurance is proud to join USA Cycling in announcing the launch of the Athlete Development Pathway.

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Ethan Doherty 2022: Road Racer Targets CX Nationals Podium

Ethan Doherty CX Nats

Ethan’s training emphasis has been on aerobic foundation and extending Time to Exhaustion (TTE) at threshold. This year, we decided to take a different approach that landed Ethan on the CX Nationals podium.

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Everyone Trains 28 Hour Weeks on Instagram

You’re scrolling the gram, you look up intermittently and look out your window. The weather is either absolute trash, or you’re feeling firmly imprisoned by your day job. You look back down at your phone and you see, yet another proud screenshot, of someone’s 28 hour riding week with 1520 TSS points, and they got a tan.

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Goal Setting in an Age of Social Media and Too Much Data

Goal Setting is both easier and more difficult than ever. Here are some guidelines to help you set your goals for the coming year.

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Allan Schroeder: 2022 Men 30-34 CX Champion

Allan crosses the finish line

Meet Allan Schroeder, your 2022, 30-34 men’s cyclocross national champion!! SE coach Kristen Arnold has been coaching Allan since 2016. This national championship title marks a breakthrough ride for him and a sign of many great things to come. Allan has worked hard for his successes as he’s raced road for CS Velo on the…

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Female Cyclists: Hormones and Performance

Are there certain times of the month when you feel like you’re on fire and then other times you feel like a load of bricks? You are not alone! Most individuals who have female reproductive organs have a menstrual cycle. That menstrual cycle impacts many aspects of our physical and mental health and performance.

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Structuring 2023 for the SoCal Race Calendar

Most of us have already closed the book on our 2022 season. Perhaps you’re already in a transition phase and craving some much-needed soul riding. Once the season is finished in earnest, usually taking 2-3 weeks away from structured training can be one of the best things you can do for yourself to start to…

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Having a Coach Holds You Accountable: Tales from an Endurance Mountain Biker

My name is Ray Landry. For work. I am a dental rep. I race mtn bikes and gravel mostly and a little road for fun. So many races. It’s hard to pick a favorite. But my favorite would be the event that got me into cycling to start and that would be the Leadville 100.…

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Gravel Worlds: Comparing Jay Thomas’ Championship in 2012 to 2022

The year is 2012 and Jay Thomas is a young 43 years of age and newly minted Gravel Worlds Champion. Even though he is officially an “aging athlete” Jay was very much holding his peak form from his mid-30’s. Jay came home with a victory, brand new rainbow-ish striped jersey, a sabre* and the swagger of a Gravel Worlds Champion. The winning time was 9 hours and 6 minutes.

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Alex Hoehn: SBT GRVL 5th. A Closer Look at the Power of Fatigue Resistance

The legendary races of cycling all tell a similar story of overcoming adversity through beautiful suffering.  At its core, this very romanticization is excellent at engaging fans while inspiring all of us to persevere through hard work.  This suffering is universal across all competitors and it seems like the only difference is if one suffers…

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