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Training & COVID-10

COVID-19 & Training

We’ve learned that all of us are on a ridiculous number of email lists since the COVID-19 alarm bells went off. We’ve also learned that many of them aren’t aware that “cancelled” has two Ls.  Yes, everything is cancelled. Right now, there is still hope for summer events and beyond. That timeline seems far off…

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Lori McCarty ups gravel skills at the BWR Survival Camp

From Lori: Incredible. Source Endurance knows how to do camp. My 1st time in California and I rode alongside my favorite cycling celebs, we even squished in vans together. The coaches were open, resourceful and encouraging. They looked out for us and offered advice and humor along the way. The different group options made it…

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Basic Nutrition for Endurance Athletes, Part 1

Build a Strong Fueling Foundation for Victory, Blog Series Part 1 Over the next few months we will discuss the basics of nutritional needs for endurance athletes. In order to optimize performance through nutrition we need to start with the basics and build a solid foundation. Similar to how base training builds a foundation in…

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5 ways to NOT DNF at Dirty Kanza

DNF Kanza

Many begin Dirty Kanza but only the prepared and enduring finish. Although the numbers are not public, we know a high percentage of riders never cross the finish line and need to be picked up by support or get their own ride home. 200 miles is a tall order for most, and likely the longest…

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Questionable Decisions World Tour 2020. Volume 2: Rock Cobbler Recap.

Of all the events on the QDWT2020, this one presents some unique challenges as a coach and also to Casey as an athlete. First, it’s early in the year. February 7 is dangerously early and most of the country spent the weekend shoveling snow while Casey was riding in weather good enough to warrant a…

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Questionable Decisions: World Tour 2020

Casey Cohenmeyer

Meet Casey. Casey is a NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) Doctor full time and then some who features a hectic work schedule. She’s also a badass who spends her off-hours at some of the most challenging and ridiculous events that her gravel bike can tolerate. She has all the typical limiters that plague the non-pro…

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The Science Behind Time Trial Pacing

Time trial pacing

To define pacing in cycling is simple, it’s the rate at which you complete a course. Every course has a pace whether or not you’re aware or in control of your pace. A mindful pacing plan based off the course conditions, your personal power curve, and physiological knowledge can leave you minutes ahead of your…

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When To Start Training For Next Season And Why

when to train for next season

Now. The time is now. As coaches and athletes, fall or early season is training season and this is the most exciting time of year. We can look back at last season and be objective in looking at the data and seeing what worked and what didn’t. We can sit down and map out the…

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Logan’s Cyclocross Season: Start With Strength Training

Logan VonBokel Cyclocross Paul Kumm Photo

Logan VonBokel has been a bike racer for a long time. From winning junior races in the St. Louis area to elite cyclocross racing in Colorado. The last 18 months has been a recovery story for Logan from a back injury, resulting in an artificial disc, to a real push in fitness for goals this…

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2019 Canyon Belgian Waffle Ride: When Good Plans Go Sideways. A Lesson In Humility

belgian waffle ride failure

When I first moved to SoCal in late 2014, I heard of this groovy and “weird” ride in San Marcos called the Belgian Waffle Ride.  It went on dirt some, pavement lots, and was ridiculously hard. Back in Kansas, we always took gravel roads and dirt paths as connectors between cool roads. Also, with my…

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