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Consistency, the Most Important Aspect of Training

What is the most important aspect of training? Is it nailing the fundamentals? VO2 max intervals? Squeezing out every marginal gain? I’d argue each of these has validity but the king and queen of them all is consistency. Cycling is a highly aerobic sport and most of the training adaptations simply take a lot of…

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10 Tips and Tricks for Fueling for Long Gravel Races & How to Maintain Stamina in the Heat and Dirt

fueling for long gravel rides

Mass start, dust up the nose, endless climbs, stretches of desolate scenery, clock ticking. Gravel races are sweeping the hearts of cyclists across the country for the opportunity to complete something epic, try something new, enjoy beautiful scenery, and challenge oneself. As one of the newer disciplines of cycling, racers are figuring out how best…

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How to make mountain biking friendlier

how to make mtb friendlier

SE coach and ambassador Nikki Peterson recently wrote an article for Trek Bikes entitled “How to make mountain biking friendlier.” If you’ve met Nikki, you probably know that she is a professional MTBer for Competitive Metals Trek, runs the GRiT podcast, has been working for NICA for years, and is, well, incredibly friendly and welcoming!…

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How to Choose Your Cycling Coach

SE coach and athlete Nikki Peterson shared on Pure Gravel her best practices for selecting a coach based on a bunch of essential criteria and self-reflection. There is no shame in shopping around for the coach who is a perfect fit for you, in fact, it’s essential! Read on Pure Gravel

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Patience in Racing: Often Overlooked, Never Underrated

HERE. WE. GO! Whether you’re ready or not, the 2021 racing season has started. Many of us are emerging from the months of Zwift training and working up the courage to do that first race. It’s likely racing will be analogous to our first post-pandemic group social interactions. We’re all going to be excited, a…

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Source Endurance launches Zwift-specific coaching

zwift coaching

LOVE ZWIFT RACING? Whether you are a year-round Zwift or indoor rider or a use it as a winter training tool, Source Endurance can help you maximize your fitness and w/kg to perform your best. How our Zwift coaching is different Zwift racing and other indoor racing programs is different from outdoor racing and therefore…

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Incorporating other cycling disciplines to improve your cycling performance

Perhaps you are in the middle of a training block and your fitness is starting to plateau and stagnant or maybe you’ve been road riding the same loop day in and day out and motivation is starting to wane. Picking up another discipline of cycling might be just the right move to boost fitness and…

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Returning to Training and Racing After COVID-19

If you or someone you know has gotten Covid, check out Adam Mills’ guide on¬†Returning to Training and Racing After Covid-19, recently published on TrainingPeaks.It looks at the latest studies that are coming out and can hopefully serve as a way to self-evaluate when you can start riding again. Read the Article. Check out all…

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Keeping a Positive Mindset When Things Seem Not So Positive

Not to sound like a broken record, but 2020 has tested a lot of people, physically and mentally. With so many changes and people feeling more isolated than ever, it can be hard to keep a positive mindset. However, it has been proven that having a positive mindset can have a lot of health-related benefits…

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Training Methods for Breaking Cross State Records, a Case Study

Cross State Records

Like many athletes, Meagan has a power meter on one bike but not all of her bikes. Her CAAD12 which she rode for her record attempt did not have a power meter on it. So, during training we used a mix of power, heart rate, and relative perceived exertion (RPE) to dial in her training.¬†…

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