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Don’t Compromise on your Gravel/ Everything Bike- You Don’t Need to.

gravel gear

“When it comes to gravel, play it as it lies” – Joseph Schmalz Gravel bikes are not limited by any national governing body in any way.  Therefore they are not restricted by any rules for equipment the likes of which are in the 49 page UCI equipment rules and regulations.  By any logical discussion, cycling…

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Gravel Bikes are Pruning the Bicycle Tree of Evolution

gravel cycling growth

As life began to fill every corner of the globe, it has become adapted to each area. Every environmental niche has an organism that is perfectly suited to it.  That sort of evolution is exactly what we expect from life. It’s also what have come to expect as we become more adventurous in our ever-expanding…

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I See Food in your Power File: Fueling Adequately for Training

A few weeks ago I hosted a webinar for USA Cycling on the Nutrition Care Process. I discussed how Registered Dietitians conduct nutrition assessments and how coaches can apply these concepts to identify nutrition-related issues in their athletes. The webinar inspired this article where I present a few cases where athletes were unable to complete…

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Casey Cohenmeyer: 2019 Canyon Belgian Waffle Ride BWR Done

TLDR Version: Thank you Michael Marckx, Andy Brightman, Phil Tinstman and all the countless others and volunteers who bring this insane event to our community. Thank you cycling community for being awesome. Thank you to Nick, Steve and Ned for putting up and being involved in this nonsense. Most of all, thank you Adam Mills at…

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Sylvia Maas Sets Record At Race Across The West

Sylvia Maas is no stranger to arduous challenges so it’s no shocker that she set a record recently at Race Across the West!! From Race Across the West’s post (see original): TEAM IN OUR PRIME FINISHES WITH JUST ONE RIDER R201 In Our Prime, USA, finished first in the 2-Person Female (50-59) category. Team In…

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Power Analysis of Achilles Tendinitis Injury to Heroic Feats by Kristen Arnold MS, RDN, CSSD

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” is a cheesy but appropriate quote to use for this article. Stories of triumph coming out of misfortune are not new in sports, but it is helpful to tell these stories and be reminded that all athletes go through injury and challenges out of their control. The brave…

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Masters Nationals at 6900ft: Air Force Academy 2019 Course Prep

For 2019 Masters Nationals lands at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs Colorado. The course is 18k in length per lap, has 968 feet of gain per lap.  In total, Men age 35-65 will race for 110k, with 6 laps and a total of 5,808ft of climbing. Women age 35-65 will race 4 laps,…

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Gravel Upgrades You Don’t Know You Need (Or at least would be a good idea)

It’s getting to be Gravel Fondo Season again.  Many of us are packing for the Dirty Kanza 200 (XL, 200, 100, etc) and many more of us are starting to enter the final preparations for other big events (SBT GRVL, Crushar in the Tushar, Rooted Vermont, FoCo Fondo, etc). All of us have read countless…

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How to Ride a Break Away at the Amgen Tour of California

In honor of the Amgen Tour of California week, we’re throwing back to 2018 where SE athlete Whitney Allison of Hagens Berman Supermint took the Most Courageous Rider jersey in the first stage. “Be aggressive. Ride hard. Make sure the Supermint team leaves a memorable impression on the race.” That’s been a general strategy from…

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How to Make Winning Look Easy: Team Edition

Teams and directors, amateur and professional, on any given day try to put assets into the break away and up the road as early in a race as possible.  From this strategic position many more opportunities and options are afforded those that have been successful with their aggression. Southern California has been synonymous with fast…

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