The Art of Team Tactics

team tactics SDBC cornering

Team tactics help effectively apply assets to bring the best team result possible. Bike racing is also full of nuances that lead to a different race outcomes.

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SoCal Race Season: Are you ready?

SoCal Race

January marks the beginning of SoCal race season. If you’re still riding base miles, it means you’re behind and it’s time to spice up your training with some higher intensity crit-specific workouts.

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Intelligentsia Cup Podium Finish After Injury

JP Brocket Intelligentsia Podium

JP had not raced a proper high-level USA criterium since mid-2019, and was concerned about the caliber of racers at the Intelligentsia Cup. He was also still recovering from a double crash in April, which resulted in a broken shoulder blade and a month off the bike.

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Cory Williams, Evolution of Excellence

Cory Williams- Riding

I had heard about Cory prior to 2016 but in all honesty I didn’t know much about him.  I knew he was one of the fastest and most explosive field sprinters in North America.  But his Achilles Heel was that he couldn’t consistently reach the finish line with the peloton. As the Performance Director on the Elevate- KHS Pro Cycling Team there was a distinct need to see improvement from one of the team’s designated closers.  

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Legion Lead out

Tulsa Tough is the biggest and most prestigious weekend of criterium racing on the planet. It is a destination race for the best-in-class and the best criterium teams send their most valuable riders to vie for the glory at the races. But who has the fastest, and by proxy, the most dominant lead out?

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Criterium Workout of the Week: 30-30s

We like to use these 30-30s or Tabata intervals to really engage an athletes anaerobic system. The explosive efforts are short and unsustainable and coupled with a rest that’s incomplete this workout really quenches the big power thirst of criterium racing. 

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Criterium Workout of the Week: Film Study

Film study

Film study has always been an important tool for improving personal and team outcomes in competition. Teams and racers were late to the game but are catching up and now film study is just as important in cycling as it is in other sports.

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Criterium Workout of the Week: Rest Days

Recovery days are often overrated but are crucial to criterium racing because of the repeated high-intensity efforts. These intense efforts can lead to muscle fatigue, soreness, and even injury if a rider doesn’t allow their body enough time to recover. Recovery days allow the body to rest and repair, reducing the risk of injury and improving…

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Criterium Workout of the Week: Sweet Spot All-Day- Long

win the crit

Sweet spot training. Criterium racing is still an endurance event, despite our willingness to make it about explosive efforts. Any event lasting 30 minutes or even 90 minutes is definitely an endurance based sport. So how do we get better at riding for that long? Sweet spot training.

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