Criterium Workout of the Week: FRC 40-20s

Crit Workout of the week FRC

The current in vogue training talk recently has been "zone 2" and raising your FTP.  This workout goes the other way and dives deep into the unsustainable workloads.  These Functional Reserve Capacity (FRC) 40-20s do an excellent job of providing a training impulse to your anaerobic capacity. This simple and brutal workout goes something like this...

4 sets of 5minutes.  The first 40 seconds of each minute at 110% FTP, last 20 seconds of each minute at 150% FTP.

Rest and repeat.


Using WKO5 we can see the dFRC (purple) line decline and try to recover as you progress through these sets.  You can also see when the athlete fails at the end of the last set.


frc workout


I also like to use WKO5 to directly compare the sets to each other.




At the end of the day it's just a really tough workout as evidenced by this heatmap view.

FRC Heatmap


Give it a try.  It will definitely help many aspects of criterium racing!