Intelligentsia Cup Podium Finish After Injury

JP Brocket Intelligentsia Podium

Comebacks are difficult and not always successful.

Our Coaches are trained to help you

After a long layoff due to injury, cyclist JP Brocket returned to racing at the Intelligentsia Cup with a strong performance.

JP had not raced a proper high-level USA criterium since mid-2019, and was concerned about the caliber of racers at the Intelligentsia Cup. He was also still recovering from a double crash in April, which resulted in a broken shoulder blade and a month off the bike.

However, JP's coach Adam Mills was confident that he would be able to compete at a high level. He had been building depth in his training in Taiwan over the past two seasons, and Adam believed that this would help him to recover from his injury and return to racing strong. Adam said, "JP had been riding at a high level for a long time prior to his crashes. He was due for a rest and although this was not a desirable way to take some down time it still refreshed JP."

JP's race strategy was to take a few laps to shake off the rust mentally and get back in the flow of criterium racing. He then moved from the back to the middle of the peloton in 4 laps, no small feat in such a difficult race. After the first prime, Matt (Donkey Label) and Patrick (current national champion) established a threatening 15 second break.

JP then let his racing instincts take over. He read the field, watched the break ahead, and waited for any hesitation in the chase. When he saw an opportunity, he jumped dragging one rider with him. It took a lap and 1/3 for him to close the 15 second gap. He was pleasantly surprised at how hard it was to catch the break, but he didn't need to ask for help and was well under his limits.

After dispatching one of the breakaway riders, JP and the other two riders in the break kept the pace high to make sure they stayed away. JP was taking the bulk of the pulls, and he felt strong and happy to be racing again at this level.

With 5 laps to go the podium was locked in. Patrick had a big kick up the finishing hill for the win, and JP finished second.

JP was pleased with his performance, and he credited his coach for his success. He said that Coach Adam was "dead right" about his depth, and that the speed was still there.

This is a great example of how trust in your coach can pay off. JP was able to return from injury and podium at a major race, thanks to his coach's confidence in him and his training plan.

Comebacks are difficult and not always successful.

Our Coaches are trained to help you