Athlete Highlight: Dean Parker- the F.O.G.

Dean Parker FOG

I've worked with Coach Adam and Source Endurance for almost 11 years. I just turned 71 this year and it has been amazing to see how Adam has modified my training as I aged. My training program has included more active recovery and some speed work even during my off season. This is because us old guys lose that fast twitch muscle quicker than a younger athlete, and it takes us longer to build it back. Adam takes all of this into account when building my workouts.

During racing season I will do a lot of high intensity intervals to help my sprint. Adam's workouts help that speed but also makes time to recover and throw in some fun rides. I have used a coach for the last twenty years! The last 11 years with Source Endurance have been the best and have kept me competitive in my age group.

My goals for 2023 include: Podium at Cyclocross Nationals, Podium at National Senior Games road race, win Kansas State Cyclocross, Crit, Road Race and Time Trial age groups.

Have you raced against Dean?!