Rider Highlight: Dean Parker takes the win at Bazaar Road Race

Dean Parker recently won the Bazaar Road Race in the infamous Flint Hills in Kansas, taking the sprint by three bike lengths! The Bazaar Kansas race is a out and back course, mainly North/South. That turn around point is really important because it is generally a tailwind back to the start.

Here’s how the race went down for Dean:

Not quite the way that I had expected. Right before the turnaround I put in a effort to make sure I was at the front. I was the second rider around the cone and we put the hammer down. The first rider pulled off and I put in a hard pull.
As I pulled to the side another rider attacked and I couldn’t match the pace just then and a gap opened. I worked hard by myself for several miles but couldn’t close on the lead group of 4. I saw a lone rider behind me so I eased up and let him catch up. We then worked hard together for what seemed like forever. We were able to come around the wheel car and join the lead group of 4.
The last 10-15 minutes of the race I responded to several surges and attacks. Then came the finish sprint, Chip went early and got 2-3 bike lengths, I went after him closing the gap. I sat on his wheel for a second then stood again and came around to win by 3 bike lengths.

Which coach do you work with and how did your training help you prepare for the event?

 Adam has been working with me to improve that explosive jump that is really needed in cyclocross every time you come out of a corner. This has also helped on the road and in Crits.

What advice do you have for someone up and coming in your cycling discipline?

If you want to really improve your results, work with a coach! It’s not just training longer or harder, but smarter. Coaching, like Source Endurance, will be objective in looking at your strengths and weakness and design a schedule that works for you.
Nice work, Dean!