Nat MacLean: Doctor, Mother, Athlete, Friend, Ambassador of Cycling.

Nat MacLean is a woman who does it all! Doctor. Mom. Athlete. Friend. Ambassador of cycling. Nat, who affectionately goes by Stan, is coached by Zack Allison and has made significant improvements already. Most recently, she finished 2nd in her age group in the 62 mile race at Barry Roubaix, a wintery off-road race in Michigan. Now she's been "studying" for her next test: the Belgian Waffle Ride San Marcos on April 30th and May 1st!

On her race at Barry Roubaix in Hastings, MI, where she finished 2nd in her age group in the 62 mile event, she wrote:

"Writing my race recap post on StanTime and decided to mix it into a story instead you can find on my highlights. Each race tells a story to others, and confirms narratives within ourselves. I learned I could go deep, maybe even deeper, in adverse conditions and thrive. Moreover, this race was a chance to be with my eRacing family, and I wanted to do just as well by them as by myself. I have known these guys for years, right down to their max HR, cadence and propensity to fall off the back or fly off the front. Getting to the end to see them was the pushpushpushpushpush I needed. I had so many people behind me today too, with respect to @zacharylallison and @sourceendurance for expert coaching, @briancrilly_ at @ambitionathletics for keeping me strong and injury free (injuries courtesy of moi), @coureurcycling and @gsdevteam for support, @elielcycling for keeping (most) of me warm (the T2 knickers were amazing), and @puregravel for keeping me deep in IRC tires. Double crosses have me rolling fast and biting the toughest snowy gravel. @oceansidebikefit had me totally dialed on my bike, Queenie. No James, you can’t have her."

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