Allan Schroeder: 2022 Men 30-34 CX Champion

Allan crosses the finish line

Allan on his way to a jersey

Allan cruising in the lead

Meet Allan Schroeder, your 2022, 30-34 men's cyclocross national champion!! SE coach Kristen Arnold has been coaching Allan since 2016. This national championship title marks a breakthrough ride for him and a sign of many great things to come. Allan has worked hard for his successes as he's raced road for CS Velo on the national road calendar and privateered his own cyclocross program for the last several years. Congrats, Allan, and we are so proud of you!

"I've been on the road since October 3rd, racing the full UCI calendar. After racing a full road season and some late summer crits, I came into the cross season pretty underdone (read: unfit.). This made for a lot of struggles early on at races like the Trek Cup and Kings CX. However, I kept in close contact with Kristen as I crisscrossed the country in my van, slowly building fitness during the week with long, steady endurance rides and getting plenty of intensity in while racing every weekend.

I could feel my fitness getting better and better each weekend, with my best races coming at the Northampton International and North Carolina GP weekends. In the two weeks leading up to CX Nats, Kristen and I worked on balancing getting in the running and hard, punchy efforts that would be required for the Hartford course. And making sure I was fresh and recovered on race day.
And you know what, we nailed it. I raced the Baby Masters (30-34) Championship on Wednesday, taking the lead of the race going into turn three, and never looking back. I led the race for the entire 41 minutes, finishing with a gap of 1.30 over second place. I couldn't be happier to take the win, and with three years left in the Baby Masters category, I'm looking forward to defending the title in years to come."