Rock Cobbler Final Preparation Tips

Race Director Sam Ames of the Rock Cobbler and coach Adam Mills share some final tips...

  • READ THE TECH Guide. There's so much useful information in there, including the route.
  • Approximate distance between aid stations is 1.5-2 hours. Eat Right. Finish Stronger. This was the biggest takeaway from past years- if you do not have a Race Day Nutrition Plan, get one now!
  • UPLOAD THE ROUTE TO YOUR HEAD UNIT.  It's really easy to get lost when you're in a strange place. Bakersfield is a strange place. The route will keep you from drifting too far into the abyss before prompting you to correct course.
  • Do some 5-10 minute hikes with your bike. It will make sense on game day, and when it does you'll be thankful.
  • Steady now. The Cobbler is all about not getting sucked into a pace beyond your comfort. Schedule a FREE Coaching Consultation and get some invaluable insight!
  • Last-minute course changes can and will happen. Follow the white chalk and pink arrows!!
  • Much of the Rock Cobbler course is on private land. On game-day you're a guest. EVERY OTHER DAY YOU ARE TRESPASSING.  Do not be that person.
  • Do not litter, ever. Especially on private land.
  • Your odds of cramping and/or crashing will increase throughout the day. Dial in your nutrition BEFORE race day- sign up for a FREE consult with Kristen Arnold. And if you haven't started our Rock Cobbler 4-Week Panic Training Plan, get on it. Better late than never!

That's it. Good luck everyone!