Coach Kristen’s recap as USA Cycling Women’s Development Road Director

Kristen USAC
My first season working with the road National Team as the Women's Development Road Director at USA Cycling was a fun, fulfilling, and healthy challenge for me. I travelled to 5 countries and directed 22 race days with the Junior Women's National Team, Road World Championships, Elite Women's National Team, U23 Women's National Team and Redlands Development Team. I also attended the Amateur Road National Championships in Roanoke Virginia where I was able to connect with athletes, coaches, and team managers/directors who work with junior women. I feel incredibly fortunate to work with all of the talented athletes and high quality staff as part of Team USA.



A few things I learned:
  • Each squad/team develops their own unique culture even if they're only racing together for a few days.

  • Athletes love a well-put-together schedule even if they're not familiar with using one as detailed as the ones I put together.

  • Driving on the other side of the road (in Scotland) and still on the left side of the car (in a USAC van from the mainland) isn't that bad (even when driving a giant manual passenger van).

  • Coffee/espresso in Europe feels less caffeinated which is great because it means I can drink more espressos in the day!

  • The mechanics and soigneurs are the real heroes and deserve more credit than they're sometimes given

  • The chief commissaires don't always speak in English over the race radio and so it's helpful to ask them kindly to do so before the races start even if all the directors laugh at you for asking during the manager's meeting.

I'm looking forward to next year and what National Team opportunities await me!


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