The Truth About High Carb Nutrition Intake for Cycling Performance that you Wish you knew Sooner

high carb ride food

Social media influencers and professional athletes have never posted so many videos and images of their preferred sugary eats during training or racing.  Once it was assumed that all this sugar was bad for such high performing athletes. Once it was believed that in order to be at the pinnacle of fitness and form athletes needed to subsist on whole and natural foods.  Times have changed.  Recently the high-carb diet for cycling performance has received an enormous amount media attention blowing the lid off what was once a closely guarded secret amongst the elite of elite endurance athletes.

It's now widely known that 100g of sugar per hour of training provides tremendous performance benefits.  However, with all amazing performance 'treatments' there are risks and contraindications to this so-called magical treatment of keeping your mouth awash in sugar for hours on end.  Join us as Coaches Adam and Taylor discuss the sinister decay that lies beneath the shiny veneer of the high-carb 100g of sugar per hour with Dr. Sol Cantwell, DDS.