Loren Krieger ROLLS at Moab Rocks Race

Moab Rocks
By way of introduction, I have been cycling for only about two years.  At 51 years old, it is a real challenge to start a new sport.  And mountain biking is no easy sport to jump into.  With Nikki's help over the last year, I have been able to build a strong base and conquer some big challenges like first-time finisher at The Leadville Trail 100 MTB in 2022.  Going into 2023 I have a goal to best last years time at Leadville, so we are in training mode.
Moab Rocks is a great early season race to test the off-season preparations and see how my fitness is coming along.  With record snowfalls in Utah this winter, the weather wreaked havoc on the course.  Stage 1 was a no-competition ride for those who wished to brave the snow, ice and mud through Lower Porcupine.  I met some cool new friends and put in a solid ride.
Stage 2 at Klondike Bluffs was no joke.  We started out hard with the pros taking off the front on the jeep road.  Once we turned uphill onto the slick rocks more technical riders, like me :-), were able to make up time cleaning features and bombing down rough chunky descents.  I had to stay on top of my fueling and managed to finish a respectable 14 of 42 riders in my 50+ age category.
Stage 3 was the day that separated the dreamers from the doers.  In a very personal way this day turned out to mean more than all three combined.  The night before Moab saw over an inch of snowfall in town, which meant that there was probably more at the higher altitudes.  Feeling exhausted from the first two days, I used the weather as an excuse as I told myself, "I don't need to ride tomorrow.  It's just early season training anyhow."  I went to bed having decided not to race.  As I woke the next morning, I read a message from a friend on the topic of leadership.  He inspired me to follow through with intentionality and to get comfortable being uncomfortable.  That was what I needed to get my ass in gear and go race!
The Mag 7 Stage 3 course was amazing.  My best day racing!  I improved my confidence, my endurance, and even my power day over day!  I placed 11th of 42 riders overall, improving my standing.  It was also the most fun and rewarding.  I met Syd and Mackie (pro racers who video their races to help others), saw old friends and made new friends.  I am thankful for my body, for this time in my life, for this sport, for my coach, and the amazing opportunity it is to ride in so many beautiful places on this earth!
Moab Rocks hosted by TransRockies Series was well done.  I am planning to return next year and bring more people to experience this event.