Source Endurance tapped for USA Cycling Athlete Development Pathway

USA Cycling Athlete Development Pathway

Source Endurance is proud to join USA Cycling in announcing the launch of the Athlete Development Pathway.  As a collaborator we are excited to announce open enrollment to the Regional Junior Development Camp at the Chula Vista Elite Athletic Training Center.

The new USA Cycling Athlete Development Pathway is best described as a unified and comprehensive funnel. This funnel establishes a step by step pathway towards the US National Team and was a key driver for USA Cycling and Source Endurance to focus on grassroots and development in 2023. The Athlete Development Pathway (ADP) provides developmentCVEATC opportunities for athletes to reach their full potential at the National Team level. Young athletes, at any level, can enter the path at any time during their racing career and can find a place where they can progress. Each level is designed to provide the most pertinent education and development opportunities for an athlete to be best equipped to further their career to the next level.

Entry points for the ADP are:

1. Day Camps - USA Cycling will hold Day Camps in conjunction with popular local junior events to provide basic coaching and education for athletes and parents about development and race opportunities. Coming Fall 2023

2. Talent Identifier - A power profile submission tool to help identify upcoming cycling talent nationwide. Connect your Training Peaks athlete account to our Talent ID coach account to be discovered by USA Cycling. Coming Spring 2023 (Eligible for Ages 15-30)

3. Regional Camps - Regional Camps like the Source Endurance Regional Junior Development Road Camp are a crucial step within the development pathway. Accessible and attainableUS National Team to all athletes, aspiring junior cyclists can join a regional camp to improve their skills, receive the same coaching as elite athletes, and be identified for further race opportunities with USA Cycling.

4. European Race Camps - The European Race Camp will give athletes an opportunity to learn hands-on in Europe, the epicenter of cycling. Athletes will train under the guidance of top coaches and experience iconic races and courses. Athletes will be immersed in complete education sessions in strength training, skills, nutrition, tactics, sports psychology and more.

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