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USA Cycling Junior Development Camp

Dates: 26-29 May (Memorial Day Weekend)

Location: Chula Vista, CA.  (San Diego)

Mileage: 25 - 80 miles

Terrain: Road and Mountainous

Racing Age Range: 13-18 

Cost: 1500

Duration: 4 days, 3 nights

Discipline: Road and Criterium

Elevation Gain: 2000' - 8000'

Camp Staff

Regional Junior Development Road Camp and the Athlete Development PathwayTorch. Athlete Development Pathway

Source Endurance is proud to announce the production of a USA Cycling Regional Junior Development Road Camp based at the Chula Vista Elite Athletic Training Center (CVEATC). Regional Camps are a crucial step within the Athlete Development Pathway (ADP). Accessible and attainable to all athletes, aspiring junior cyclists aged 13-18 can join a regional camp to improve their skills, receive good coaching, and be identified for further race opportunities.

USA Cycling’s Athlete Development Pathway Regional Camp system strives to provide accessible high-level coaching for athletes nationwide. 

USA Cycling emphasizes the holistic education, coaching, and experience that a multi-day camp can provide. Instead of learning by trial-and-error in one-off race scenarios, athletes can receive guidance and instruction from knowledgeable coaches working with direct assessment. With a camp experience, athletes of all abilities will walk away with an accurate understanding of their level (fitness, tactics, skills, etc.), know where to race at the next level, and have opportunities to race internationally.


USA Cycling’s Athlete Development Pathway Regional Camps will offer selection opportunities for international races.

USA Cycling’s Athlete Development Pathway Regional Camps will be guided by the following curriculum:

  1. Education: Discussions and seminars on multiple topics to improve athletic performance.
  2. Skills: Sessions designed to increase understanding of skills and foster safe methods for improvement.
  3. Training: Solid training and testing protocols to increase fitness.

CVEATCCamp Mission Statement: To provide the education, resources and inspiration to the next generation of American junior cyclists.

USA Cycling’s Athlete Development Pathway Regional Camps will offer selection opportunities for international races.

What sort of athlete is best suited for this camp?

Consistently active athletes aged 13-18 (racing age) will benefit greatly from this camp. These athletes consistently accomplish 3-6 training sessions per week. 2-4 rides at an endurance pace for 2-3 days in a row are no problem and even some long training sessions are common. These athletes should strive to compete and feel comfortable riding in groups and should be able to handle mountain descents.


Athlete Development Pathway flow

Chula Vista and the CVEATC

USA Cycling (USAC) development camps aren’t just about testing and finding talent, but about inspiring the next generation. The CVEATC is not only equipped with top notch dorm style housing, but also the environment at the facility embodies what it means to be a “pro” athlete. During the USA Cycling camp there could be many other Olympic hopefuls training on the same grounds. Not only will you feel like a professional athlete, you will also eat like one as well. This isn’t just run of the mill cafeteria food, but nutrient dense, athlete specific meals that are sure to be a highlight of the camp. Weights

In addition to an Olympic inspired environment, the CVEATC also includes a criterium track on the grounds. This is an amazing addition that comes free of charge that can be utilized for skills and drills as well as mock race scenarios. To have a criterium course free of cars and traffic will be a game changer for our camp and gives us the tools we need to put on a professional level clinic. The OTC also includes college style meeting rooms so our coaches can deliver best practice lectures that meet the highest standards to help athletes learn the ins and outs of what it means to be a 24/7 athlete aspiring to the elite level. 

facility part of Athlete Development Pathway

Source Endurance

Beyond the amazing facilities, Source Endurance comes equipped with a staff of high-level professional coaches that not only aim to impart coaching wisdom but also to connect athletes with teams and high-performance directors through our extensive professional network. Having great coaches who have worked with numerous USA and foreign national champions interacting with the athletes will be an integral part in the camp experience. At the end of the camp, the coaches will come together and present each athlete with an end-of-campJr clinic “report card.” This will allow the athlete to have objective feedback that they can take with them and have an assessment of what skills need work to make it to the next level.

Source Endurance strives to execute a professional level camp at the CVEATC that will inspire the next generation of cyclists and give them the tools they need to succeed.

What to Expect (not an exhaustive list)

On Bike

  • Skills and bike handling sessions
  • Group riding etiquette
  • Tactics workshops, recognizing opportunity
  • Mock races
  • Fitness Test
  • Support vehicle
  • Nutrition and hydration products

Off Bike

  • Training, strategy and tactics presentations
  • Daily power file analysis for every athlete
  • Q & A with coaches and ride leaders
  • Nutrition presentations for on and off bike
  • Strength training presentations


  • All inclusive facility
  • All meals are included
  • Housekeeping,
  • Laundry facilities
  • WiFi available to all guests
  • 2 BR/ 2BA suites, shared living space, 4 beds
  • New lifelong friends


Recommended Equipment


  • Airfare
  • Transportation to/ from airport
  • Bike shipping/ rental/ packing

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Sample Only. Specific Itinerary will be delivered to registrants prior to camp


Friday 26 May

  • Check-in
  • Bike check
  • Endurance Ride
  • Lunch
  • Skills Session and Games
  • Dinner
  • Lecture Series: Part 1
Alex in the jersey

Saturday 27 May

  • Breakfast
  • Practice Criterium
  • Post-Criterium ride
  • Lunch
  • Skills Session and Games
  • Dinner
  • Lecture Series: Part 2

Sunday, May 28th

  • Breakfast
  • Long Endurance Ride + Fitness Check
  • Lunch
  • Skills Session and Games
  • Dinner
  • Lecture Series: Part 3
Tyler Reynolds

Monday May 29th

  • Breakfast
  • Long Endurance Ride- Race Simulations
  • Lunch
  • Check out