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Archive for October 2016

Rider Highlight: Robert Ellis finds success at Gravel Worlds

Name: Robert Ellis Event and Category: Gravel Worlds Masters 50+ Course: 146 Mi hilly 7000 ft + Coach: Adam Mills Event Day: Things that worked: Eating every 45 min. Riding in groups for drafting. Not spending very long at rest stops. 3 water bottles sufficed. This is the first distance gravel ride I have done…

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Rider Highlight: Lucas Borkowski

Name: Lucas Borkowski Event & Category: Jingle Cross, Men’s Cat 3, 35+ Brief event/course description: The Jingle Cross course is one of my favorite CX courses. It’s more of a techy course that forces you off the bike several times. It’s a true ‘cross course in my book!  For course features there is the steep…

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Should strength training be a part of your off-season?

To lift or not to strength train, that’s NOT the question. It’s that time of the year for serious road cyclists. Your season ended, everyone is planning their off season break or just ramping back into winter training and cross training. As you sit down and make the big plan for the winter, pondering the…

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Take Offseason Off

With the end of the road season fast approaching or already here for the majority of the US, it’s time for the offseason to begin in earnest. There are a lot of great reasons to really take time off and take a step back from bike racing and serious training. Many are transitioning to cyclocross,…

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