Rider Highlight: Robert Ellis finds success at Gravel Worlds

Name: Robert Ellis
Event and Category: Gravel Worlds Masters 50+
Course: 146 Mi hilly 7000 ft +
Coach: Adam Mills
Event Day:
Things that worked:

  • Eating every 45 min.
  • Riding in groups for drafting.
  • Not spending very long at rest stops.
  • 3 water bottles sufficed. This is the first distance gravel ride I have done without my camel back, but I didn’t really need it with all the support.

My time was 11:07. Averaged right at 14 mph. The best part is that I kept my power under 280 for hills the first 6 hours. I really did have plenty left for the end.
I got in some races with some guys for the last 20 or 30 mi or so. In that situation and I got this idea from Dan Hughes, I think it is best to stay about 100 to 200 yds behind the person you are after and do some surges here and there. They don’t know how strong you are or what you have left and vice versa. It definitely gives you the psychological advantage when you want to make a move up a hill you can that can be a spirit breaker.
I felt really good that day and I could have ridden another 50 I think without difficulty. Really had a good ride, I’m just bummed that my Garmin wasn’t in working order. I thank all the hard work all year for this success.  Got 22nd out of 60 to 80 guys. My goal is to ride the thing under 10:45 at some point.
I really think the 12 min of steady state an hour for prep is a great workout and a great way to prepare.
Next up Cx season!
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