Rider Highlight: Lucas Borkowski


Photo Credit: Jesse Kadekawa Miguel

Name: Lucas Borkowski
Event & Category: Jingle Cross, Men’s Cat 3, 35+
Brief event/course description:
The Jingle Cross course is one of my favorite CX courses. It’s more of a techy course that forces you off the bike several times. It’s a true ‘cross course in my book!  For course features there is the steep Mt. Krumpit run-up, the sandpit in the barn, steep off-camber downhill, a couple of fly-overs and the muddy off-camber gully. Along with the course features there always seems to be some kind of inclement weather to add into the mix. This year it was rain, turning the course into a huge mud pit.
How’d the race go down for you?
Very well! The venue seems to bring in a lot of tough competition from the region. I was fortunate to place 4th during the Friday night race and 6th during the Sunday race.
Which coach do you work with and how did your training help you prepare for the event?
I’ve been working with Coach Grant Harrison for over a year and a half. Coach Grant had guided me through my ‘cross training last season with very consistent results. Coach Grant tailored my workouts in prep of Jingle Cross based upon both our knowledge of the course and it’s obstacles, as well as what we had learned racing the venue last year.
What advice do you have for someone up and coming in your cycling discipline?  
Stick with it and work hard. Be consistent in your training but always remember to still have fun.
What is your next event?  
We are in the thick of our cyclocross season here in Kansas City. Several local ‘cross races on the calendar along with a few regional races such as Ruts n’ Guts.
Photo Credit: Jesse Kadekawa Miguel
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