Source Endurance Training Center March Newsletter

A ton of events and updates for you training center riders this week!
Today is Rio Swap 2016! Rio Swap is always an amazing event where you can find almost any bike part you need or just walk around and see what people have had laying round and visit with friends. During Rio Swap the Training Center will be offering a bracket sprint event.
We will have head to head heats. Wahoo Kickr trainer, 200 meter sprints. 3% grade. Winner goes to next round.
Buy in is $5. Winner takes half he entry pot! Cash payout!

Just bring yourself and your legs ready to hurt. Bikes trainers and flat pedals will be provided.

Tomorrow 3/3/15 we will be having a huge opening for the Corndoggies food truck at the Training Center! see the Facebook Event here.  There will be $5 all you can eat corn dogs. There will also be some beer at the event. Please come out, eat some amazing corn dogs and check out what the training center has going on while your’re there.
The weather is looking great this week so get out and ride. Be safe in the wind. When the weather turns and you still need to get your workout in, please remember to book your ride time at the training center on or follow the instructions and link on the webpage.