Athlete Highlight: Skyler Mackey takes the win at Natural State Criterium Day 2

SE athlete Skyler Mackey has continued to crush it at criteriums throughout the summer as he prepares for his upcoming cyclocross season. The Natural State Criterium Day 2 in the Pro 1/2 field was no exception as he took the win. Nice, Skyler! He shared some of his experience with us. (Photo Credit above: Brooks Bixler)

Brief event/course description: 

The Natural State Criterium course is very wide open with a uphill drag for a finish. Brick roads cover almost half of the course including some of the turns and the start/finish area. The course was not super technical but riders slipping away was always a danger as the race was at night.

How’d the race go down for you?

The race started out with constant attacks from the major represented teams. I went with as many moves as I could just in case any slipped away in the darkness. About 40-45 minutes into the race a break formed up the road. I jumped with another rider and we became a part of a group of 7 off the front. After working together for a few laps cat and mouse games began with 5 laps to go. I stuck to my plan and followed every move that went. On the final straight going into the finish I jumped out of the group with maybe 350 meters to go. Tony Baca from Elbowz came on my left to contest the sprint but I was able to win the race by half an inch.

Which coach do you work with and how did your training help you prepare for the event?

I have been working with Adam Mills on increasing the overall max power I can maintain for an hour in preparation for the cyclocross season by doing FTP based workouts.