Scott Rollins finishes century ride in under 5 hours!

From Scott: 

I have always struggled with endurance. It seems like every time I hit mile 70 or so the legs give out. I wasn't sure if it was nutrition related, a lack of strength, or my aerobic capacity. That has all changed over the past 10 months. I started working with Zack Allison with Source Endurance back in June of 2019. Since then, we have been working on my different energy systems and one of those is aerobic. Along with seeing a 10% increase (or about 30 watts) in my FTP, I have also noticed big gains in my ability to do long rides and not feel trashed. Up until a few weeks ago, I have never been able to do a solo sub 5 hour century ride. That changed on 3/27/20 when I completed 100 miles in 4:47 - not bad for a 43 year old.

What coach do you work with and how have they helped you?

I work with Zack Allison with Source Endurance. He has helped me in so many ways from increasing my FTP, aerobic capacity, strength, and race tactics. He is very thorough when we have our phone consultations and he truly cares about me as an athlete. He pushes me just enough to make me stronger but not break me.