Rider Highlight: Sylvia Maas tackles Haleakala

Sylvia Maas never shies away from a challenge. She recently took on the infamous Haleakala climb on Maui. The road to the top of Haleakala on Maui is the longest continual climb in the world. Sea level to 10,000 feet in 36 miles. Sylvia and her coach, Adam Mills, have been working on power to tackle this long climb!
What are her tips for tackling Haleakala?
“To ride Haleakala the most important thing is to track the weather. It is incredibly windy, can be rainy, and the temps can drop 40 degrees in a heartbeat! Once you start up, just keep moving forward. Having someone crew for you would be super helpful as it is a arduous journey with no water stops!!!!”
We’re looking forward to seeing what Sylvia takes on next!!