Meet SE Ambassador Cory Lockwood

Cory Lockwood races professionally for Continental Pro team Elevate KHS Pro Cycling Team. We talked to him about all things bikes and his upcoming year.

How long have you been racing road?

I have raced road for 3 years, but I have been riding bicycles and motorcycles my whole life.

What do you like the most about the SE coaching service?

I like the technical know how. I also like the organization, fitness gains and results that are seen working with Source Endurance.

Do you have a favorite bike accomplishment?

I really don’t have a favorite bike accomplishment, I just really like riding my bike every day and I take every day as it comes to me at 100 percent.

What’s your big goal for 2017?

To win as many races as possible, to be at a much higher level from last year and really be a big part of a very successful team for 2017.

What questions do people ask you the most about SE?

They ask why I choose them to work with Source Endurance. And tell them all about Source Endurance’s attention to detail and the successes I have had with there organization, technical know how and efficiency of there over all program.

What you do for work outside of cycling?

At this point I am focused on my cycling 100 percent.
Thanks, Cory! We’re looking forward to seeing you take some W’s this season! 
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