Case Study: Matt Kotarbinski, Scout Cycling Team

Matt Kotarbinski is a Cat 2 from Boulder on SE ambassador program Scout Cycling Team. He has a true sprinter phenotype. Coached by Zack Allison, they put in a lot of work this year to improve upon his talents and minimize his weaknesses. Below is a recap of his improvements between 2015 and 2016 and is posted with his permission. We think he’s made some incredible gains in just a year working with Zack.

Performance Recap Matthew Kotarbinski

Peak Power

The purple represents the time before Matt came on with SE and brought Zack on as a coach. Grey represents peak power numbers since starting up with Source Endurance.

Category Power Last year or before SE coaching New power record Difference (% increase)
5 seconds 1079 1240 15
1 minute 464 523 13
2 minute 390 408 4
5 minute 328 361 10
10 minute 296 324 9
20 minute 276 303 10
60 minute 244 267 9
MFTP wko4 peak 272 321 18

This does not include increases based on Normalized power although WKO4 MFTP takes normalized into account.

Difference in strength and weaknesses

Here’s Matt’s weakness chart from 2015 season:

Matt had much larger weakness at 30 second mark. Almost to limiter line. A good area to work on.

Now, Matt’s weakness chart from 2016 season

His 30 seconds power is further from the limiter line. 0-10 second sprint much higher strength. Overall, he shows less limiters and stronger strengths, showing progression for this season and on track for even more growth next year. Nice work Matt Kotarbinski!

Scout Cycling is one of Source Endurance’s ambassador programs. We wrote about their program earlier this year.
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