Canyon Belgian Waffle Ride Survival Camp 3.0 coming January 2018!

The Belgian Waffle Ride is quickly becoming one of the most well-known and most-sought after gravel events in the country. The BWR offers this growing and special breed the type of experience that requires months, if not years, to train for adequately, while requiring technical bike handling skills and, more importantly, the right equipment and nutrition to survive. Enter: The BWR Survival Camp 3.0.
The BWR Survival Camp lets riders preview and beta test the official 2018 BWR course over three days of course reconnaissance. This enables the riders to familiarize themselves with the route at a pace that will not overwhelm them.  Riders looking for more miles are welcome to incorporate additional routes before or after the scheduled ride each day.
The camp serves up an incredible gravel and mixed terrain experience mixed a superb fitness camp. The camp is not limited to Belgian Waffle Ride participants. 
Our instructors will divide riders into groups based on ability and guide you through the 2018 BWR course providing professional insight on training, nutrition, strategy and skills development.  Our instructors are arguably an assembly of some of the best in the U.S. regarding riding, racing, and coaching gravel events. We will utilize our years of off road experience to help develop your skills on loose surfaces. We are here to assist you with everything from equipment choice to line selection to ensure that you can safely manage even the gnarliest sections. On and off the bike, instructors are available as mentors and guides.

The camp is already over 30% full and spots are limited. Check out the official BWR Survival Camp page and all the event details:

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