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Archive for December 2015

BWR: Equipment Choices

Now that we’ve read about the Belgian Waffle Ride and what physiological challenges to expect, let’s talk about the equipment challenges of such an event. Unless you’re coming from a mountain bike background, the discussion of equipment challenges is a bit of a foreign topic. One of the biggest equipment considerations for a road racer…

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Athlete Highlight – Clint Waara

Clint Waara – Fort Collins, Colorado.                 Source Endurance Athlete since 11/2014 Stats: Road Rider – Goals – Raise threshold power, work on weaknesses, lose weight. Rider Type- power rider, longer efforts, time trial strength. 20 minute power July 2015 – 300 watts normalized (NP) 20 minute power December…

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The Greatest Monument of Cycling in the US

Hello, my name is Michael Marckx and I love waffles and all things Belgian. I also love riding my bike a long way and drinking Belgian ales directly after. I’m Flemish; we’re just odd that way.   Being Flemish and growing up with an affinity for the culinary delights and ethnic characteristics of the Belgians,…

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The SE Training Center 12 week build session

In Fort Collins, Colorado, there lies a training center. In this training center known as Source Endurance, we offer a refuge from the elements. Winter riding is a struggle in most states so we strive to bring you the best scenario to riding inside possible. A group training environment, smart trainers, power numbers, the ability…

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BWR Survival Camp, What to Expect

The Belgian Waffle Ride is a classic adventure that challenges the young, old, strong and stronger in ways many veteran bike riders can’t begin to comprehend. We had a couple clients at the 2015 edition and based on their data, we expect the following output from the day.   7-9 hours of pedaling covering 140…

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Tis the Season, for Gravel. What does it take?

Tis’  the season, for gravel. But what does it take? The recent surge in popularity of gravel events over the past few years has my mind reeling. People are coming out of the woodwork ready to slay their own bodies over thousands of miles of gravel, in the dark, in the cold, and even when…

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