The SE Training Center 12 week build session

In Fort Collins, Colorado, there lies a training center. In this training center known as Source Endurance, we offer a refuge from the elements. Winter riding is a struggle in most states so we strive to bring you the best scenario to riding inside possible. A group training environment, smart trainers, power numbers, the ability to analyze and track gains, interactive engaging riding, all despite you being on a stationary trainer. Although getting your workout in no matter the accumulation of snow, wind, and cold is great there is a step above your weekly team class, or current training center status. There is a way to periodize, and increase the gains you earn by riding in the training center. That is what the 12 week build session is for.
The Source Endurance Training Center is offering a 12 week build session, in a Triathlon or Road specific format. You book your desired format and once a week from January 4th to March 28th there is a specific training session to your goals. Each week your workout gets harder increasing IF (intensity factor) TSS (training stress score) moving up in intensity, changing rest periods and interval intensity to reach maximum performance as the outdoor riding season kicks in for spring. Differences in road vs. triathlon build sessions is for tri sessions we spend more time at threshold and time trial intervals with less jumps and V02 intervals which are a more relevant for the road build sessions. These workouts are build buy Zack Allison, Source Endurance Coach, USA Cycling and Training peaks level 2 coach, and professional rider for Elevate Cycling Team.
Once you purchase your contract you have the ability to purchase your desired class time for your build session once per week. There are two make up classes included if you miss a week or want to do the same session twice.
To book, head to make a new account or access your current account, Click ONLINE STORE——> click CONTRACTS——> drop down menu to choose your Triathlon or Road theme. Once purchased you can select ANY build session time slot of your choosing to sign up once per week for 12 weeks.
If you want to try out the SE Training Center facilities before committing to a 12 week block we have a full class schedule on our website
Thanks! Please don’t hesitate to comment or call with any questions.