What does bike type, comfort, power, efficiency, injuries consideration, feedback, longevity have in common?

What’s my bike fit “philosophy”? These can, or just maybe should, be keywords to all fit philosophy. There has been bike fit developments in recent years. Big developments. There are new bike types, gravel bikes, enduro bikes, changes to many if not all geometries of bikes. For bike fits, there are apps, bike fit bikes, motion capture, specific branded fit philosophies and the list goes on.

I’m not reinventing the wheel or bike fits at Source Endurance Training Center of the Rockies, but I do utilize new technologies as far as motion capture, dynamic video, shims, wedges, and new integrated cycling components. In all of these details emerges a unique bike fit method but I’m not set out to create a new method or put people in a box, my goal is for everyone that I interact with to feel the best they can on the bike.

When I think of how to make a person feel the best on the bike, how to make them feel happy to ride or meet their goals, I think of these points, we named in the title. These points are all connected. We need to fit you to the type of bike you come in on. Everyone wants to feel as powerful as possible. If you’re comfortable, you’re more powerful.

All of these initial points should take into account your previous injuries, and as the fit progresses with your feedback, mixed with the fitters expertise and knowledge will lead to the ideal fit. That fit will not and should not be the last fit you ever get. I’d love to say I can fit you and boom for the next 20 years of riding you’re all done. That’s not how the human body works. I would like to be your fitter for those 20 years. I want to do adjustments to junior cyclist as their developing body molds to become a cyclist. For better or worse, your body and posture will change when becoming a cyclist. I want to make changes when the lifelong cyclist needs a bit more space in their hip angle to feel comfortable and powerful.

There are nitty gritty components to the procedure and that’s not inferred here. What is your hip angle, knee angle? Is your hip tilted or twisted? Do we shim or do we set up a session with the physical therapy partner, Rebound Sports and Physical Therapy. Do you need to fit into UCI regulations? The best, most talented cyclist are often times easy fits and as a professional fitter a preferred customer. Yes, attention to detail is key and there usually some very specific goals, but the hardest fits are the intermediate cyclist with injuries and lofty goals.

So here we are, you’ve made it to the shop, you have your Peritus Coffee cappuccino and we’ve talked about your fit goals, and all of your magnificent injuries with scars to match, now we head upstairs to dive into your physical assessment and cleats to start. Who knows how long this will take, maybe a lifetime, but through every session you’ll get stronger, more comfortable and efficient, I will listen to your feedback and we will get to a point where you have longevity in cycling as comfortably as possible.

Zack Allison earned his bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science at Colorado State University. As part of his education, he participated in many hands on exercise science practicum and internships, coaching many types of athletes, specifically cyclists. Zack’s affinity for cycling started at the early age of 14 racing on the east coast. He quickly moved up the amateur ranks to race on the elite national circuit. This level of competition sparked his interest in exercise science, taking him to Colorado State University. While racing for his alma-mater and on various amateur teams he saw many podiums at the Collegiate Championships and Pro/Am events. Zack is currently living in Fort Collins, Colorado and has raced for Elevate Pro Cycling and currently races for Clif Bar. Growing up with great mentors and coaches, Zack has a goal of paying it forward. He hopes to use his education and racing experience to bring success to Source Endurance and his clients. Zack also owns and operated the Source Endurance Training Center of the Rockies, a training and bike fit studio in Fort Collins, CO.