Source Endurance Training Center October News Letter

Hello Source Endurance Training Center Followers!
Welcome to our first newsletter. We hope to bring you this newsletter every month from here on out with new features and events going on in your local Fort Collins cycling specific training center.
If you are not aware, we are a relatively new training facility geared towards the ever growing cycling scene in Northern Colorado. We have offerings for triathlon, mountain biking, cyclocross, road, track, anything on two wheels. If you have visited before, well, you know what’s up. We are located in Peloton Cycles, 2101 S College ave. And we are here to make you faster on a bike and have fun while doing it. Check out our website and facebook for more details. or on facebook at
We have a ton of new features for this fall and winter. First off, we have trainer and software updates. We can do courses, you can race your friends. The trainers provide resistance, no need to shift gears. This all increases the accuracy of power data, which we can send to you via Training Peaks, Strava, Mapmyride, or Ride with GPS directly. We are currently running Wahoo Kickrs and Perf Pro Software for our training sessions. Bring your own bike and bring your friends! 
Current events
If you took a class last year, it was probably led by our owner, Zack Allison. He is getting hitched on October 5th to the Wonderful Whitney Schultz. He is then taking a trip to Italy. Not to worry. There are two amazing, local cycling individuals to deliver the service the training center is used to. Nate Taggatz and Evan Kiesow- Butt will be the team leading classes, hopefully indefinitely but if you are in the training center in October you will definitely see these two new faces.
taggatz  evan kb
Nate Taggatz –           Evan Kiesow-Butt –
If you have any questions about the training center, scheduling, and classes in October, feel free to give these two a shout.
New class format. The schedule is now posted to If you have never been to this site please make a free account and find Source Endurance Training Center of the Rockies to sign up for classes. If you want to book a 12 week build session, head to the “Products” page and look for the time and day that suits you best, that is your training day and time for the 12 weeks but we are flexible if you miss your session and need to go to another time. Walk in classes are available for each class time that there is a build session. Each session has a different theme between Cyclocross, Road, or Triathlon. MTB is more of a general fitness or similar to the road build session.
Welcoming back team classes for winter 2015/16 we have NoCo Grassroots, FCCT, and Fort Follies. NEW to the team class format is 9 seventy racing. Also to note we are sponsoring 2 local teams, Butler Cycling team and the Veloforma Your Group Ride CX team. If you are part of the team class program on one of these teams talk to your team leader for your coupon code and specific class time for your team session every week.
The schedule is up! Everything is starting October 5th so get after it and we will see you in the Training Center.