Source Endurance Training Center November Newsletter

Hey Fort Collins!
Happy Halloween, hope you had a good extra hour of sleep with the time change. Unfortunately with that extra hour of sleep….as of today, November 1st, the sun sets at 4:57PM….. Not to fear the training center is going strong. Here is a picture of our current schedule. To sign up for any classes head to
Quick welcome to 9seventy racing to the team class program! Also Fort Follies note that your time will be posted this week for your team class at 6:15pm on Tuesdays.
Below is a basic snap shot of the current schedule on mindbody. Schedule is subject to change. You can walk into any of the build sessions.
pdf schedule
To book a class, go to make a free account and search for the Source Endurance Training Center of the Rockies. From Mindbody you can select and sign up for all of the Training Center’s services and products.Each session has a theme listed but each theme has fitness gains across the board to be had. For example, the Triathlon class is more of a threshold and TT focus, these are intervals every cyclist should do and would be a great base building class. As a road cyclist feel free to book a triathlon class. More detailed class descriptions are in
For $20 you can walk into ANY of the above build session time slots, bring your friends!
The build sessions are a 12 week block of classes where you attend a certain time once a week. To book the 12 week build session that started October 5th you can go to the Products page in Mindbody and find your specific time slot you would like to go to every week for your build session time and type. There will be another 12 week block that starts at the New Year. You will be pro-rated for your build session depending on the time you book it.
To save money but not be tied to a specific build session, buy a 5, 10, or 20, pack of classes. These are located in the online store tab under services. These are good to sign in to any walk in session. The sessions marked with a team name are reserved for that team only and you cannot reserve that session.
For $75 a month you can have unlimited walk in sessions. With the one fee a month you can attend any amount of classes as long as they are not the reserved team classes.
Referral Program: If you refer a rider that will be attending a class for the first time you will get one free session. This program does not count for discounted or sponsored team classes. When you refer a rider and they come in for their session, have them let the class coach know who referred them and they will receive an email with a coupon code for their one free session.
Up and coming events! We will be holding an intro to weight lifting for cyclist night at the training center. This class will be Thursday November 12th at 6:30 PM. It will be $20 and will be between about 90 minutes. We will go over some quick research on why cyclists benefit from a weight plan and proper form for a range of exercises including squat form, dead lifts, Romanian dead lifts, as a few examples. We will also provide an info packet and some ideas for what should be included in your regular weight lifting plan with a free weight focus. Max 20 participants. Each athlete will get to do a set of each workout but this is an informative seminar not a full workout for each athlete. After the workout a protein shake will be provided. You can choose chocolate or vanilla flavors.
FTP or Functional Threshold Power testing. As many of you know when you do a workout in the training center each workout is based on your own FTP. This allows athletes regardless of differences in fitness to do the same group workout as the person next to them but at their own power requirements. What is tricky is making sure that you have the right number as your FTP setting. We are changing the schedule to offer a once a week power test for any athletes that need to get that initial FTP number or if you just want to check in every couple months and see how your FTP is progressing. Take a look at the Mindbody schedule for the weekly FTP specific class. It is scheduled for Thursdays at 6:15 Pm and is a warm and a 30 minute TT. Everything is on so if you make a free account and log in you can find all schedules and sign up for all classes.
Thanks! If you have any questions please contact