SETCR Spring Training Camp

This past weekend we hosted the first Source Endurance Training Center of the Rockies Spring Training Camp. We ended up with two groups, and A and B group, both of which really put in some serious miles for the long, 4-day weekend.  The purpose of the camp was to provide attendees with the resources to put in serious miles without letting the little things bog them down.
We kicked off Wednesday with a bike tune-up with Velofix and kinesio-taping with Samantha Welter from Empower Performance Therapy to get everyone ready for the long-weekend. Resources for riders included Matador breakfast burritos, Peritus Coffee, and any body work needed with Empower Performance Therapy. Rides were fully supported with ride food, extra bottles, and spare wheels in the follow car (thanks Bill and Evan!), for fast and focused miles. Post-ride included a debrief, Elevated Legs (compression boots), recovery shakes, and any soft tissue work or kinesio taping with Empower Performance Therapy.
Here’s the weekend’s stats:

B Group:

Day 1: Poudre-Stove Prairie

68 miles. 3 hours 40 minutes. 4300 feet elevation.

Day 2: Rist-Stove Prairie-Masonville

55 miles. 3 hours 20 minutes. 4600 feet elevation.

Day 3: PITA Pass

75 miles. 4 hours. 2500 feet elevation.

Day 4: Carter-Rattlesnake

70 miles. 4 hours. 4900 feet elevation.
Total: 268 miles. 15 hours. 16,300 feet elevation.
A Group:
Day 1: Poudre-Stove Prairie-Glade-Eden Valley

  • 80 miles. 3 hours 45 minutes. 4000 feet elevation

Day 2: Carter-Rattlesnake

  • 78 miles. 3 hours 48 minutes. 5000 feet elevation

Day 3: PITA Pass

  • 89 miles. 4 hours 20 minutes. 3500 feet elevation. 40 miles of dirt.

Day 4: Red Feather Lakes

  • 112 miles. 5 hours 10 minutes. 7000 feet elevation

Total: 359 miles. 17 hours 3 minutes. 19,500 feet elevation.
A big thanks to all our partners and participants.

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