SETCR Spring Road Camp Recap

Source Endurance Training Center of the Rockies hosted their second annual Spring Training Camp in Fort Collins, Colorado this past weekend. The “A” Group saw 4 days and 18 hours of riding, 355 miles and over 20,000 feet of climbing. The “B” and women’s groups were not a whole lot less!! When you get a group like this together, it’s incredibly inspiring to see riders push themselves whether it is simply physically, or whether they are learning new skills or having new experiences.
Each morning we kicked off with Matador Grill breakfast burritos and Peritus Coffee, before reviewing the route for the day, doing a dynamic warm-up and getting any needing kinesio taping done with Empower Performance Therapy, grabbing Clif Bar ride food and a Chamois Buttr sachet to go, and getting rain bags in the car.

Good morning Peritus Coffee! Photo: Logan Von Bokel


Course review by SE coach Zack Allison with riders and drivers before setting out. Photo: LVB


Empower Performance Therapy’s Sam Welter leading riders through a dynamic warm up for core and glute engagement. Photo: LVB


Goodie table: Lots of Clif Bar Nut Butter bars, Clif Bloks, Clif Electrolyte, and Chamois Butt’r Eurostyle single sachets. Photo: LVB


The group on Day 1 before we departed! We also had some weekend warriors join up for Day 3 and 4. Photo: LVB

Check out the routes that each group did. Some groups did routes on different days than the order listed below.
A Routes:

B & Women’s Routes:

The women and B’s actually rode into a huge freak winter hail storm on Friday and ended up turning around and finishing up at the training center with a dialed 90 minute Kickr session to complete a solid, hard 3-hour day.

A group over Seeman Reservoir on Day 1. Photo: LVB


B’s and Women’s group finishing up Day 2 after a run in with a spring hail storm

Day 4 Ladies Group!

Day 4: Red Feather Lakes. Photo: Brett Rindt


One more gravel shot because it’s so dang pretty. Also it’s where Sub Rosa- Unpaved is held. Photo: Brett Rindt

Big shout out to follow cars Ramble Ride, Rocky Mountain Multisport, Bill, and Kevin, keeping riders safe, fueled, warm, and happy!
Post ride, riders snagged recovery smoothies and were able to focus on recovery using tools from Empower Performance Therapy like Elevated Legs, foam rollers, tennis balls, and good ol’ yoga mats for stretching. Thanks to rider Kevin Osberg for brewing us up a nice citrus wheat beer to imbibe in after a solid day’s work!

Recovery time with Empower Performance Therapy

We’ll be doing the camp again next spring, so keep it in mind for next year! At Source Endurance, we have two big upcoming gravel camps:

  • Sub Rosa- Unpaved: 5 Riding Days near Red Feather Lakes, Colorado, July 25-29th
  • Bici Italia: 7 Days of Gravel in Tuscany, Italy, August 20-27th