SETCR Spring Road Camp Recap

The 2019 SETCR Spring Road Camp finished up on March 24th. It included four days of big miles all around Fort Collins, CO, for a self-selected A, B, and C group. The camp was run by SE coach Zack and Whitney Allison, along with SE coach Kristen Arnold. After a weather-phenomenon bomb cyclone the week before, we were thrilled to welcome weather appropriate for the first few days of spring. A big thanks to Brave New Wheel who came out with their full crew to work on bikes the night before camp started! It was much appreciated.

A dialed gift bag from Chamois Butt’r, AMP HP PR Lotion, and a SE neck tube by MGStitchery!
Our buddies at Brave New Wheel gave bikes once-overs before heading into the long training block.

Day 1, all groups did some rendition of beautiful Poudre Canyon. A’s went up Poudre-Stove Prairie-Buckhorn-Eden Valley-Loveland for a cool 90 miles. The B’s and C’s did similar with Poudre-Stove Prairie-Buckhorn-Horsetooth for the most climbing 67-miles you can get around.

Mornings kicked off with breakfast buritos from Matador Mexican Grill with their famous maple jalapeno sauce!
And of course bottomless Peritus Coffee #drinkcoffeegplay
And the ultimate selection of ride snacks from Clif Bar!

Day 2, The A’s and B’s both journeyed up to Estes Park…although snow was threatened up there at 7522 feet, we were welcomed by sunshine and a fun, fast descent home for 85 miles. The C’s tackled Rist-Stove Prairie-Buckhorn-Horsetooth, complete with a little snow on top on Rist.

Photo: Hot Route Media
Photo: Hot Route Media

Day 3, the A group climbed Rist Canyon to Buckhorn and on to Carter for just shy of 90 miles. The B’s rode Rist-Buckhorn and came back via Horsetooth while the C’s slithered up Rattlesnake via Horsetooth. We were grateful to have Rebound Sports & Physical Therapy awaiting us at the finish for fire cupping to bring bloodflow back to fatigued muscles

Almost to the Rist switchbacks!
Fire cupping by Rebound Sports & Physical Therapy. Part of their new recovery services.

Finally, Day 4- the grand finale, the A’s rode to Boulder, then rode Left Hand Canyon and Lee Hill for a final 100+ mile day. B’s rode to Carter via Horsetooth plus Rattlesnake to finish off the long training block. C’s were right there with them, riding Super Carter.

Source Endurance Road Camp A Group

All in all, riders had 14-17 hours of quality riding over the course of four glorious spring days. A big shout out to our partners Brave New Wheel, Rebound Sports & Physical Therapy, Clif Bar, Matador Mexican Grill, AMP Human Performance, Peritus Coffee, Chamois Butt’r, Ramble Ride and Team Rio Grande. Thank you also to drivers Ronny Bush, Bill Beach, Zak Danielson, Gabe Flores, and Jed Ellis for making the rides as low stress as possible. We’ll likely be adding another fall camp, so be sure to sign up for our email list at the bottom of the home page if you’d like to be notified.