Sean McElroy Storms Back from the Brink

In mid-March Sean McElroy went to the doctor complaining of stomach pain.  After being told that he had gas and that he should go home Sean thought that everything would return to normal in a couple hours. Little did he know what the next few days would bring. The pain would continue to build in the lower part of his stomach and around his naval as Sean continued to train for the UCI International Tour of Rhodes that his team, Aevolo had been invited to.
An entire week of unrelenting pain later, Sean returned to his physician at the urging of his girlfriend and was diagnosed with severe appendicitis. He was rushed into surgery where his appendix and part of his colon was removed. Sean woke up with a drain tube in his abdomen where it would stay for 3 complete weeks as he healed.
4 weeks after he went into surgery, Sean was cleared for training and he immediately got to work as his first competitive season since before the pandemic was less than a month away.  In two weeks Sean made some remarkable gains, capitalizing on his pre-appendicitis fitness. With the help of his Aevolo teammates, Sean was able to place on the podium in his first two races back (criterium and 100mi Road Race).
Last week, Sean completed his recovery by racing at the Armed Forces Classic. What an effort and a dramatic comeback story that showcases the success of another Source Endurance athlete!