Rider Highlight: Skyler Mackey takes 2nd at Cyntergy Hurtland UCI Cyclocross

Skyler Mackey recently took an awesome 2nd at the Cyntergy Hurtland UCI Cylocross race in the Elite Men category. Thanks to photographer James Gann for the generous use of the photos of Skyler. 

Brief event/course description: 

The course has a good mixture of turns and straight aways. Never a flat spot except towards the end of the track. Always going up or down. A couple of creek crossing and tight off camber sections keep the rider on their toes. A longer course of around 3.5K.

How’d the race go down for you?

The race started fast and never let up. Cody Kaiser and myself led it out from lap one and traded punch after punch all day to not only to try and tire each other out but to stay away from Travis Livermon as well. Neither of us got away from the other by maybe more than a few seconds. It came down to the last off camber which I took too tight and slid out. Cody hit the gas as soon as I did and the race was over. I finished 2nd on the day.

Which coach do you work with and how did your training help you prepare for the event?

 I work with Adam Mills and we have been working on my FTP and Vo2 max to be able to sustain that high power for an hour and still have enough kick to survive and give out the punches throughout the entire race.
</br/>Wishing you the best at your next cyclocross race, Skyler!