Rider Highlight: Melody White

Melody White is often found cheerily pushing watts at the training center at 5am, balancing her career  as a self-proclaimed Certified Professional Water Girl & Poopologist (i.e. drinking water and wastewater specialist) with her love of triathlon, running, and all things active. Her personality is infectious and we’re happy to provide tools to help her reach her goals! 

What is your primary discipline and category and how long have you competed in that?

I started my journey into Triathlons as a runner.  I started running (for beer) in 2006, got a little more serious about it in 2011, and then somehow decided at the age of 40 that I needed to take on the sport of triathlon (mind you I didn’t even own a road bike at the time).

What are your biggest sport accomplishments?

You never know who is watching…this is what I tell myself every day.  My biggest accomplishment to date is inspiring my nieces, nephews, family, friends, and anyone else to lead a healthier lifestyle.
After having ACL reconstruction…I set a goal of one 1/2 marathon a month in 2012 – 15 races later I was ready to take a break in 2013…so I ran 19 races that included my first two marathons.
2014 began my “year of the 40th & firsts” – I ran 25 races that included my first sprint triathlon, first Olympic distance triathlon, the Disney “dopey challenge”, and the Swiss alpine k42+.
2015 was my year of the firsts…my first 1/2 ironman, first 50k, and my first age group 1st and 3rd place awards.  I somehow manage to keep getting myself into even crazier races each year!!!  There could be worse addictions…right?!?

How did you find your primary discipline?

My “baby” brother came to me in the fall of 2013 and asked if I would do a “triathlon” with him – now I am thinking to myself “oh he wants to do a sprint distance or Olympic distance” – No problem and I absolutely said yes.  Little did I know he wanted to do a ½ Ironman!!!!  WHAT?!?  I kept thinking to myself – “this too shall pass” – well it didn’t.
Coming from a trail running background – I had no idea how to train for this – so I hired a coach and the rest is history.  Since 2014 I have completed two ½ Ironmans, one ½ Ironman relay, a couple of Olympic distance, numerous sprint distance, and one super sprint.

What is your top 2017 goal and if you’ve already raced it, how’d it go?

My top goals were the Hawaii 1/2 Ironman (June 3) and Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon (June 11).  Oh, where to begin on both races…

Hawaii 1/2 Ironman

Hawaii was a relay with my husband (I swam & biked and he did the run) …the day started out awesome – the ocean was clear and calm (so many fish to distract you) – and then came the bike – right out of T1 my derailleur snapped off and my day was almost done – as I walked my bike back to transition cussing/crying/and feeling sorry for myself (I wasn’t being very lady like) – the bike mechanics turned my 10 speed into a single speed and off I went to bike the 56-mile Queen K highway to Hawi and back on my modified bike – but wait there is more to this bike story –
Somewhere around mile 20 of this adventure I sheered the hub on my race wheel – so the bike mechanics once again saved the day and swapped out my wheel and off again I went.  I chased the bike cutoff all day (this is not a flat course and the trade winds are crazy) but somehow managed to finish (My husband Joel got to run a ½ marathon is the absolute hottest/humid part of the day – you’re welcome honey:-) ).
We did finish and managed to beat all cutoffs – He did say I could go back in 2018 and do it again with a full set of gears!!!

Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon

One of the draws of this race is the swim from Alcatraz across the bay back to San Francisco…As myself and 1999 of my closest friends waited on the boat to take us over to Alcatraz – the swim was cancelled to do strong currents and a small craft warning!!!  Well…at least we got to bike and run the hills of San Francisco!!!

How long have you been working out at SETCR and how has it helped you accomplish your goals?

My journey with SETCR started by winning two sessions at a CSU Triathlon Fundraiser.  Biking has always been my weak point and if there is a way to “cheat” on a trainer or spin class – I will find it!!!  My first class at SETCR on the Wahoo kickrs was a real eye opener for me – no way to cheat!!! My biking power/strength has dramatically improved since I started my journey with SETCR.  I believe that had I not been training with SECTR, I would not have had the strength to finish the Hawaii bike course on a single speed bike!!!

What do you like most about SETCR?

Everyone is so helpful and encouraging – It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or seasoned professional.   SETCR goes out their way to help you prepare for a race – from downloading bike courses to help you get a feel for a certain course, opening weekend sessions even if you are the only one, and scheduling classes when an unexpected snowstorm drops two feet of snow in May!!!

What are the top questions people ask you about SETCR?

You get up at WHAT time to workout?!?

What do you do for work outside of cycling?

I am a Certified Professional Water Girl & Poopologist (i.e. drinking water and wastewater specialist), worm farming, veggie growing, dirt digging, tent sleeping, beer drinking, meat eating, bass fishing, nap taking, scuba diving, animal loving, home canning, world traveling, bike riding …crazy runner that dove into triathlons – Not necessarily in that order.
Thanks Melody! We look forward to seeing how the rest of your summer adventures go! And hopefully with all your gears 🙂