New Video Consulting Service for Tier 3 and 4 Clients

Beginning October 1, 2016, Source Endurance will be offering video consulting via Google Hangouts, for Tier 3 and Tier 4 clients. This allows for a more personal and direct mode of delivery of consulting services and will enable the coach to utilize screen sharing to analyze your data files with you in real time.
You’ll be able to get more involved in your coaching and see the benefits of your hard work supported by data.  “I like the video chat because you get to sit down face to face with your coach and look at the exact power data that he is looking at,” says Connor Brown of Elevate Pro Cycling.
Video consulting is only available for Tier 3 and Tier 4, will be proactively offered by the coach, and will require scheduling the consult >12 hours in advance.

Video consulting allows you go through your training and racing data with your coach.

Tier 3 and Tier 4 coaching packages include every component of the Tier 2 package but with a higher degree of interaction with your Source Endurance Consultant as well as a more comprehensive data analysis and detailed training schedule. You will develop the strong consultant-athlete relationship needed in order to understand your unique response to training which allows your Consultant to further improve the effectiveness of your training and help you to maximize your success.

Tier 3 coaching package

The Tier 3 package is ideal for those that have a busy event schedule, need to accommodate a frequent travel/ career agenda, or who seek a very active feedback loop on their training management. Your Consultant will also proactively initiate 1 on 1 training/ meetings when he/she is in your area.
Your training files are review twice a week and your consultant will initiate contact with you via phone or email and offer feedback to your recent training, upcoming races, and nutrition. Then, depending on your weekly training goals, your Consultant may adjust your schedule to help you to meet those goals and further maximize your success.

Tier 4 coaching package

The Tier 4 Consulting Package is for the athlete who demands attention to fine detail on a daily basis. Tier 4 Consulting utilizes your Consultant’s knowledge of athletics and exercise physiology to eclipse all other services models by offering daily communication and the utmost attention to detail at all levels of sport, including but not limited to: lifestyle interactions and their effects on performance, preparation, training, racing, recovery, and race tactics.
Following review of your daily training with respect to your goals (weekly, monthly, etc), your Consultant will be proactive in contacting you via phone or email and offer feedback regarding your recent training, upcoming races, and nutrition. Your Consultant may also adjust your schedule on a daily basis to help you to meet your daily and weekly goals and maximize your success.
Your Consultant will make every effort to schedule in-person meetings with you monthly (if you are local to your consultant), or you will be given preferred scheduling priority when your Consultant is traveling to your area. Through this intense investment of time and energy, a unique consultant-athlete partnership will develop and help you better emphasize your performance in all aspects of training, competition, nutrition, and lifestyle.
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