New SETCR Memberships!

You might have noticed that at Source Endurance Training Center of the Rockies, we’ve added a new option: SETCR memberships. With our new services, unlimited memberships are a great value.
Our goal with the new space is to better encompass all the physical needs you might have as a cyclist from interval-focused weeknight Kickr classes, long weekend classes, regular yoga, open gym, and group weightlifting and plyometrics, taking the place of a traditional gym membership. With gym, plyo, and yoga classes all taught by  certified instructors, you can have confidence that you are also getting a quality but safe workout. Adding showers (Dec 2016) make it even easier to hop in a class before work or during a lunch break.
Kickr classes are divided largely by season for athletes who are competing now for fall and winter sports like cyclocross and for road racers, MTBers, and triathletes who largely compete in spring and summer. You know that you are doing intervals and workouts appropriate for that time of year in relation to your cycling season.
Members also get automatic special pricing on all retail, bike fits, blood lactate testing, a free FTP test every month, all booked through, and preferred pricing with Peritus Coffee Roasters, also located in our space.
SETCR Memberships are a monthly recurring price and you can cancel anytime online. Unlimited memberships are $120 or $200 for couples and families. You can sign up for a membership here, under Online Store → Contracts. If you are a member in good standing of one of our sponsored teams, check out your team’s contact price in the same location in the drop down menu.
Learn more about the Source Endurance Training Center of the Rockies’ services.