New Service: Group Coaching

Source Endurance recently added Group Coaching to it’s range of services as a way to better serve cyclists in different places and with different goals. Why might one choose group coaching?
Group coaching is a great introduction to coaching with custom workouts for a group and discounted rates. While you won’t be able to get personally tailored workouts to you, it’s a great place to start. This service¬†is also a good for teams and groups with similar schedules working towards a common goal, like a specific event or series of races. Hello, training buddies!
Depending on the tier of group training service you choose, you get frequent access to your coach for a group call to talk about how training is going, why your group might be prescribed certain workouts, and to answer any training questions.
Once your group signs off, things kick off with a free initial consultation. All group members also receive a free TrainingPeaks login to upload your workout files which will be reviewed by your coach. Discounted skills clinics and nutrition services are also available!
Learn more about the group coaching tiers and services here.
Group coaching sessionSource Endurance operates as a collaborative team and seeks to use our cumulative knowledge to offer the highest level of service to its athletes, providing unparalleled attention to detail. We welcome each athlete into our community as family.
Source Endurance will help you set realistic expectations for our athletes, prescribe highly effective training and nutrition advice, and predict future performance in your upcoming events.
Our tools for guiding you to success: Extensive formal education, certification, experience and expertise of our coaches and these training packages which have been proven effective for all ability levels across sport.
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