Meet SETCR Member Jenny Gerow

Jenny Gerow is one of our newest SETCR members. She is a part of the Fort Follies cycling team. Between a freshly broken hand and a busy job at TrainingPeaks, she uses the resources at the training center to stay in shape with minimal time. We interviewed her recently: 

What is your favorite feature about the Training Center?

I like the training center because because I’m guaranteed to have a good workout. Being on the Wahoo Kickrs makes it easy. You get pushed by the workout and you don’t have to push yourself as hard mentally for motivation.

The other day it was just you and me inside riding around 3pm. Name a workout buddy you want to “call out” and ride with in the training center.

I want to call out two people! Sara Kammlade and JJ Laughon!

You just recently broke your hand. How did that happen.

I broke it in the cyclocross race last weekend in Golden. I broke my 4th metacarpal.

How does the Training center help when your injured?

It’s helpful to ride inside and know that I’m not losing fitness. There’s flexible time slots to workout and I keep in line with my goals even though I’m injured.

What is your favorite type of interval session?

I like the over/unders something like 100% FTP interval and then down to 80 or 90% and then back up to 100% of FTP.

Why do you come? Motivation can be hard, maybe you’re short on time? what makes you come to the training center in the first place?

I like the ability to have a good time, the social atmosphere, training with cyclists and all while being able to push yourself. The social aspect is great and you don’t always get that outside by yourself even if you have time to get out there.
Thanks Jenny! hope your hand heals quick!